EEGs and Ice-cream

Hi Family and Friends,

Rhema spent another (pre-planned) 2 days in Children’s Hospital Boston this past week for long-term EEG monitoring. Her BEAM (Brain Electrical Analysis Mapping) test in March had indicated that she was having sub-clinical seizures 85 – 100% of the time in the regions of the brain that govern speech and comprehension.

After 24 hrs. of EEG monitoring this week, the seizure activity was at 65% of the time, mainly occurring when she is asleep. The disappointing news is that Rhema does not seem to be responding to her anti-convulsant medication. Now we are trying to decide if we should just take her off the meds altogether. She has an MRI scheduled in 10 days and perhaps that will give us more answers.

In any case, we are reminded of just how limited we are as humans. As we pray and trust the Lord to make Rhema better, we know that He is the only one who knows her body detail by detail (Matthew 10:30). She is His.

A couple picts below. The first one sums up Brandon’s time at the hospital. He was excited to find Spite and Coke in the refrigerator and ice-cream in the nurses’ freezer, so he made himself ice-cream floats. =}

3 thoughts on “EEGs and Ice-cream

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