What Does A Pig Say?

Rhema knows!
She was looking at a picture book with her therapist when I heard Rhema whisper,
“Oink, oink!”
I looked up, but could not see what she was looking at in the book. I asked her therapist,
“Did she just say ‘oink, oink?’”
Her therapist smiled, “Yep.”
“Is she looking at a pig in the book?” I asked while jumping up to see for myself. Brandon was there, too. And sure enough, there he was, a pink, chubby pig looking up from the page with his arms crossed.
Woohoo! I’ll take that as spontaneous, appropriate language. I had no idea Rhema knew what a pig said. It looks like all of the oinking the past few years has paid off. Thank you, Lord. =)

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