Response to Slip ‘n Slide

The following is a message I received from my friend Carrie in response to an earlier post called Slip ‘n Slide. It’s hilarious, and I know that there are other parents out there who can relate!

Loved the slip and slide. That could have been us so easily. I didn’t know that Rhema’s room is as sparsely furnished as Grayson’s once was. Reading your blog brought back a flood of memories:

Week 1: Found Grayson hanging from her curtains, just as the rod pulled out of the wall and landed on her head. Damage: Two black eyes and a giant goose egg in between. No more curtains.

Week 2: Heard a loud thud during “rest time”. Thud followed by crying. Crying precipitated by rolling off top shelf of floor-to-ceiling bookshelf. No more shelves on the bookshelf. Bookshelf anchored to wall. Frame looks nice… and it has a couple drawers for storing toys.

Week 3: Grayson is eating the drawers. She likes to pull them out, dump out all of the toys, and chew on the edge of the wood. No more drawers.

Week 4: Grayson is eating her books. Spines are chewed until the pages fall out. Then, pages are chewed into tiny little spit wads and stuck to the walls and windows. No more books.

Week 5: Grayson is eating the toes, fingers, ears, and tails off of all her Little People figurines. The toy stash is dwindling.

Week 6: AAARGH!! She has discovered her dresser. All of her clothes are thrown all over the bedroom. Not a stitch left in the drawers. The drawers are stacked in a tower, and she is climbing them. (This happened every day for weeks until we got smart and moved the dresser INTO her closet, and installed a lock on the closet doors).

Week 7: Grayson banged her head on the corner of her nightstand while she was jumping on the bed. She jumps on the bed all the time, and it is more than likely to happen again. Who really needs a nightstand?

Week 8: Heard another crash. Grayson knocked her pictures off the wall. Broken.

Week 9: Grayson has a mattress in her room, and two big curtainless windows with really pretty views outside. I found a set of butterflies made from beautiful fabrics that I could suspend from her ceiling. I think they are safe! While we have drifted toward a french-country / farmhouse style decor in the past, we are beginning to appreciate a minimalist style. It works for her, and us.

Week 104: Happy to say that Grayson’s bedroom has slowly reclaimed it’s rightful belongings! She has a queen size bed, WITH a frame, intact, just a few bitemarks from times past. She now has a dresser, with drawers, and the only time she takes out clothes is to PUT THEM ON, and all by herself. Her closet is no longer LOCKED. She has both books and toys, and they have not been partially devoured. Her windowsill and walls, once seemingly pitbullified, are now repainted, replaced and they haved remained perfectly untouched. Model home new. Amazing. Her once boring as all can be room is now the most kid-desired in the house – she has a floor to ceiling rock wall and a soon to be installed Zip Line. She still has her beautiful butterflies. Her space is finally a true reflection of who she is… a beautiful and unexpected combination of dainty / feminine and rugged / adventurist.

Progress, hope, stages that come and go!! THere WILL be a posting one day on your blog called “The Return of Rhema’s Bed”…

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