Oh Say Can You Say

To all of you who have ever said a prayer for Rhema, THANK YOU. I wanted to share this video clip with you. In Rhema’s ABA therapy at home, her therapist (wonderful!) has been trying to get her to say something – anything – before we swing her in a blanket. After a couple of months, Rhema has finally started to spontaneously say “1-2-3-Go!” before we swing her in the blanket!

I cannot put into words what it is like to hear my daughter’s speaking voice. She is four years old, and it is as if I am hearing her voice for the first time. It is a new, strange and beautiful sound in my ears.

Such a blessing.

Hope.  I have it again… in abundance.


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3 thoughts on “Oh Say Can You Say

  1. AWESOME!! AWESOME!! AAAAWESOME!!!! SO excited for Rhema, for you all. She’s doing it!! Much love, Carrie, Josh, G, M, J, B.

  2. What a wonderful miracle for!

    I pray that God continues to bless you through your beautiful daughter and that she continues to amaze you with all the exciting things she is learning to do!

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