Craving Something Sweet

My husband, without consulting with me first, imposed “No Sweets Month” on us for August. He just decided all on his own that we are going to cold turkey stop consuming refined sugars for 31 days. When he informed me of this, I laughed in his face.

When he shot me a look, I sobered up and agreed to his terms even while my mind was plotting. On Monday, when he’s at work I’ll sneak to Dunkin Donuts and get one of those vanilla kreme donuts!

I have not had a vanilla kreme donut for, like, 15 years at least. I used to love them as a kid. Somewhere along the way my metabolism slowed down, and I got older, wiser, and calorie conscious. But since I spent three long years in Germany away from a Dunkin Donuts on every corner, I now feel that I am entitled to indulge, indulge, indulge. German pastries are so not sweet, and I still feel jipped (even though I’ve been back in New England for two years already!)

Since it’s all of a sudden “No Sweets Month”, the vanilla kreme donut became my forbidden fruit. All weekend long I fantasized about the donut covered in powdered sugar and filled with thick, white crème that’s so sugary that it makes your teeth hurt. How could you ever settle for a plain donut with a hole in it after having a plump donut so engorged with sugar and kreme that it was spilling out the side?

Hope and I set out early this morning. I imagined myself wiping all the extra powdered sugar off my face after I’d consumed my donut with one of the wipes from the diaper bag. “Sorry, Hope,” I said as we pulled up to the drive-thru. “I’m about to eat something that would probably kill you, but boy, is it gonna be good.” (Hope has severe food allergies – nuts, eggs, wheat, dairy, soy – but that’s another blog post.)

“Hi. I’d like one vanilla kreme filled donut… no… make that two.”
“We don’t have any.”
“Oh, no.”
“Would you like vanilla frosted?”
“No.” Pout.

Undaunted we drove to the next Dunkin Donuts. We went through drive-thrus. We went to walk-ins. At the fourth store, it occurred to me that maybe the donut had been discontinued. Maybe while I was suffering in Germany with wanna-be pastries, they had removed my beloved donuts from the shelves. I wish someone would have just told me that instead of saying “We don’t have any.”

I wanted to come home in complete violation of No Sweets Month. But alas, my cravings went unsatisfied. I even called Dunkin Donuts corporate headquarters and asked, “How could you?”

A woman on the phone told me that it was up to individual franchise owners to decide whether or not to carry the donut. (Well, that’s a no-brainer).

I was resolute. Ready to make a day of it, drive to the other side of the state for my donut.

“Do you know which franchises carry the vanilla kreme filled?”

“No, sorry.”

Sigh. My quest for 320 calories of sugar and saturated fat was suspended. (But if anyone knows of a Dunkin Donuts franchise that sells my donuts, lemme know!)

Sometimes I have this annoying habit of reviewing past “jips” in life when I am denied something, something even as small as a donut desire. And I make it out to be so much bigger than it really is. Like when the high school lunch lady had it out for me and always gave me really small portions. (Seriously!) Like when I don’t get what I paid for. Like when I don’t get what I bargained for. Like when my twin got MS. Like when my daughter got autism and seizures. Like when my baby got just about every food allergy known to man.

Just craving something sweet, God. Still feeling jipped.

Then, in the span of five minutes, Hope reached for me and squealed, “Hi Mommmmmy!!!” and left wonderful Hope-baby kisses all over my check. Then, when I opened the door to Rhema’s school bus, she gave me the most beautiful smile I have ever seen. Thank you, God.

I. am. so. blessed.

So satisfied.

“Because thy lovingkindness is better than life, my lips shall praise thee… My soul will be satisfied as with the richest of foods…” Psalms 63:3,5

9 thoughts on “Craving Something Sweet

  1. Oh, my! No sweets?! My morning coffee is really just a cup of milk and sugar … with just enough java to make it legitimate. I will pray for you! 🙂

    Krispy Kreme was our Dunkin Donuts where I grew up. When that “Hot & Fresh” neon sign was blinking in the window, people would cause accidents trying to swerve into the parking lot! (And, I like the creme-filled ones, too; if you’re gonna eat a donut … it might as well be a GOOD one!)

    I love the Psalms 63 Scripture and also Psalm 119:57: “You are my portion, O LORD …” And also, Psalm 19:9-10: “The fear of the LORD is pure, enduring forever. The ordinances of the LORD are sure and altogether righteous. They are more precious than gold, than much pure gold; they are sweeter than honey, than honey from the comb.” And, also … oh, don’t get me started! 🙂

    Really, what can satisfy like the love from your beautiful children and the love from your beautiful Father?

    Sorry for the long post … Blessings!

  2. That’s funny b/c I was at DD yesterday and saw some and decided to go with a bagel instead! Next time I go I’ll eat one FOR you. (heehee)
    Beautiful post!

  3. no donut could ever have been half as sweet.

    such a good reminder that while you may *think* you know what you need, God always *knows* what you need

    on my way into work this morning, I heard that wonderful Garth Brooks song, ‘unanswered prayers’ .. ‘remember when you’re talking to the man upstairs that just because He may not answer doesn’t mean He don’t care. some of God’s greatest gifts are unanswered prayers.

    but i’m not sure that song is relevant – because I think He did answer your prayer. just a little differently than you may have thought.


    p.s. what the heck is up with ‘no sweets’ month in the first place? hullo?

  4. so guess what? yesterday my husband read the blog post at work. when he got home last night, he had a VANILLA KREME DONUT (with sprinkles) for me! he found a dunkin donuts in boston that made them. needless to say, the man won major points, and “no sweets month” didn’t last a week.

  5. Ohhhh… I knew that hubby of yours had to a sweetheart after meeting you guys last night.

    I hope every bite was delicious and your beautiful babies continue to bring much sweetness to your life.

  6. Well I wouldn’t eat a doughnut if you paid me in peanuts! Yuk.

    Actually on second thoughts I shall challenge you to a dual!

    If you can eat a whole sugar covered doughnut [no specified flavour] WITHOUT licking your lips then I shall eat a doughnut too or possibly humble pie instead, especially if it’s salty.


  7. Isn’t it amazing how we get ourselves so wound up over the littlest things? But then God take the little things and teaches us big lessons. Only God.
    What a blessing that you can see past your circumstance and still be satisfied in the Lord. I KNOW that that make our heavenly Daddy just grin from check to check. 🙂

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