Can I Borrow A Strawberry?

I was unloading groceries when Rhema spotted this:

She thought there MUST be strawberries inside the box. 

She excitedly ran and got this:

PECS icon for strawberries

I didn’t buy any strawberries at the grocery store. 


I tried to explain to her that there weren’t any strawberries in the box of freezer bags.

But she still wanted strawberries. 

I had to open the box of freezer bags and let her search for the hidden strawberries, pulling out the bags one by one.

As I was putting groceries away in the pantry, she saw this:

She grabbed the box, handed it to me, and waited patiently for me to open it and give her her strawberries.

Aw man! 

Can I just say that it’s AWESOME that the kid is even looking at pictures now? Or expressing desires? We autism mamas know how important it is to reward and reinforce our kid’s communication attempts.  Why, oh why, didn’t I buy strawberries today???

So I had to open the box of sugar and show her that there were no strawberries hiding in there. 

Suddenly I noticed a bunch of things in the kitchen, cabinets, and refrigerator that had strawberries on the containers but no strawberries inside.  For example:

I considered running down the street, knocking on doors in desperation, searching for strawberries. Why?

Just because she ASKED.

As I was putting items in the freezer, Rhema spotted this:

Oh yeah!  I forgot we had those!  Hooray!!! I took out a strawberry and happily gave it to her, emphasizing “Strawberry” in my best teacher voice.   

But, alas, it was frozen not fresh…

So she didn’t want it.

7 thoughts on “Can I Borrow A Strawberry?

  1. “Aw, man!” is right. Poor kiddo, done in by deceptive advertising!

    I bet I know one thing that’s on your list for the very next time you go anywhere near a grocery store…

    And way to go, Rhema. What magnificent connections and communication!

  2. Rhema – that was so awesome – observing, requesting, communicating, problem solving, and oh what persistence! Way to go! I’ll bet there are a lot of strawberries in your future :0)

  3. That’s awesome! It’s beautiful when all your hard work and prayers pays off. So wonderful that she’s communicating and understanding what she’s trying to say and getting her point across so clearly. Praise God! Get ready, Jeniel, her words are coming soon!

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