6 Far-out Things

Alas, I have been infected with the Six Unspectacular Quirks meme that has been going around. Mama on the Edge was gracious enough to follow the rules, and in so doing, slogged me. While I’ve enjoyed learning about the quirks of my fellow bloggy mamas, I thought I was too boring to have any quirks, let alone six. But lo and behold, I thought about it and I have more than I thought.

So is this why my kid is so quirky???

Thought it might help to define “quirk” and “quirky”:
A peculiarity of behavior; an idiosyncrasy

informal terms; strikingly unconventional [synonym: far-out]
Far-out? I love dictionary.com.

1. I never wear blue on Wednesdays, and neither do my children. When I was young, I got a brand new pair of brown boots with the fur hanging over the edges. While waiting for my mother to pick me up from school, I decided to run across an open field of snow that was knee-high. I lost one of my beautiful brown boots in the snow and got in big trouble with my mom. My teardrops fell on my shirt, and I noticed that I was wearing blue and it was Wednesday. Since then I have never worn blue on Wednesdays.

2. I am mold-averse. I will not eat bread or any other baked good (cakes, cookies, etc.) that is older than 2 days. Even though you may not see the mold, believe me, it is there. I also will not drink milk if it’s within 5 days of expiration. I check expiration dates like a maniac.

3. I keep dead flowers in my house. I am too busy (or lazy) to water the flowers and too busy (or lazy) to throw them out after they die. O.k., o.k., maybe this is not a quirk. But the dead flowers remind me of Miss Havisham’s house in Great Expectations.  

4. My twin sister and I can, without warning, bust out into hip hop lingo. “Yo G, what be up witchu, dawg? It’s ya sista Coolio.” Mind you, this does not sound like an Ashton Kutcher trying to be down. We are truly down… because we are of the “darker shade”… thus, we are genetically pre-disposed to coolness. (Our husbands beg to differ).

5. I talk to my fears. “Hi mold. I know you’re in there, so you can forget it. I’m not eating you.”, “Hi mice. I’m walking into the subway station now. So run away, o.k.? I’m coming in.”

6. My sisters and I quote whole passages of old movies, songs and T.V. shows to each other (with dramatic flare, of course). We know tons of lines from Little House on the Prairie, the Cosby show, Chitty Chitty Bang Bang, Heidi, Gone with the Wind, Sound of Music, etc. I guess you could call it appropriate scripting. 8)

6 thoughts on “6 Far-out Things

  1. Love the quirks! One of my girlfriends won’t eat cold cuts that are older then 2 days! I am noticing that alot of us autism mamas are twins. MMMMM odd!!!

  2. Hey, are you related to my mother?! lol She buys new deli meat like every 2 days and is obsessed with expiration dates.
    Ok, so you don’t like mold BUT you keep dead-moldy flowers/water in your house…that doesn’t bug you?
    P.S. I also have dead flowers in a vase in my kitchen right now. 🙂

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