Escape Artist

It was early, early on a Saturday morning, and the husband and I were clinging to the last few hours of sleep.

In my mind, I recall hearing her manage to somehow get past the child-safety lock on the inside doorknob of her room. I heard her toe-walking feet prance on the wooden floor and down the stairs. And then I told myself it was a dream and drifted off to sleep…

Some time later Brandon and I were jolted awake by the ear-piercing sounds of our home alarm system going off. We looked at each other dazed and confused. Brandon jumped out of bed, threw on some pants and headed downstairs. As he descended the stairs, he could see out the windows that police cruisers had silently surrounded the house…

Our child, oblivious, was happily entertaining herself with some toys in the living room…

Turns out our little culprit had escaped her room, come downstairs, and set off the house alarm by climbing on the edge of the couch to reach an alarm pad by a window. She hit the touch pad so many times or in such a pattern, that she triggered the “imminent hostage threat.”

Then, to pass the time,

she had stripped naked,

peed on the rug,

and emptied the contents of the refrigerator onto the kitchen floor.

All this while her parents blissfully slumbered…

We still laugh at the image of cop cars whizzing around the house with lights flashing and sirens off (so as to sneak up on the kidnappers, I suppose). Thankfully, Brandon had quickly figured out what happened and explained it to the police. To this day, however, I’m not entirely sure what happened, but now it’s a funny memory and we’re thankful she did not get hurt.

Today, the escape artist was at it again.

Maybe getting this kid tattooed and tagged is not such a bad idea… 8)

16 thoughts on “Escape Artist

  1. Oh My! Frog has done all of that, but not usually all at once. We don’t have an alarm system, but we have had a visit from the Police – after a naked Frog stopped traffic at the intersection in front of our house. Isn’t it nice how those frightening events turn into funny memories once everyone is safe and sound :0)

    She is quite a climber. Does your community have a project rescue program?

  2. Whoa! That’s your fence? Rhema is one amazing, and heart-attack-inducing, kiddo!

    I think I’m feeling very glad right now that we had our fence put up this summer with the smooth-side in….

    How long ago was your hostage-threat situation? I keep hearing that it pays to have a relationship with law-enforcement, and I guess your experience would be one more argument in favor!

  3. i’m glad that you have such a great attitude about it and see the humor. it’ll be quite a story to tease her with when she’s older!

    the escape has always been one of my biggest fears, particularly early on. kendall once made it all the way down to the very busy crossroad in front of our house. it was terrifying.

    she tends to stay closer these days (most of the time) or she’ll bolt, run back and say gleefully, “i runned-ded off’

    they sure do keep us on our toes!

    ecki does have a point though .. rhema’s got some impressive motor skills!

  4. Isn’t autism pretty? Our children happen to be beautiful. What has befallen them is tragic. When we’d just moved to a new town we were invited to a July 4th party. I was having a hard time keeping my eye on the girls in the hubbub. I noticed Gianna was missing. I ran around calling her – as if she’d ever answered me in the past. I ran into the street, calling her name. A neighbor I hadn’t met had her by the hand, “Is this your child? She was in my house jumping in my guest bed.” THUD. Forget my embarrassment (every house in that stepford neighborhood looked alike, she probably got confused where she was) how about the safety issue? That was early on in our autism journey – I’m not sure my heart rate has dropped back to normal since….


  5. Oh, and we spent $17,000 we didn’t have to install a tall, pool style fence around our yard to keep the girls’ safe. Cheaper than two funerals, yes. But still, it was a tough financial hit.

  6. wow. what stories. this is what i enjoy so much about blogland. @frogsmom – i can so see my daughter stopping traffic in the nude like. @stagmom – you can sure bet my rhema could easily be found jumping on the bed in a stranger’s house!

    there was one time when we were visiting at my sister’s house, and rhema somehow escaped right out the front door. after a short frantic search, i found her with nothing but a shirt on underneath a raised house playing with the gravel. that was the first time it hit me how dangerous our situation was. she was older, more physically able, but still had absolutely no sense of danger and no fear.

    and yes, rhema has been blessed with amazing gross motor skills. that’s the one area in developmental testing that she always passes with flying colors.

  7. Oh, mercy! Every day is an adventure, isn’t it?

    For the first time today, I noticed the tabs at the top of your blog. (Duh!) I LOVE the You Tube video on the “Rhema Word” tab! Her delightful giggles had me laughing out loud.

    Love the new blog photo, too. Precious little sandals on the precious wrong feet! 🙂

  8. She’s quite the climber. Devin loves to climb, too. We just recently found out he can climb ladders. Good times!

    I have found the way to keep the diapers on and the bodily functions off my furniture and floors. READY?

    Blanket sleepers, feetie pajamas whatever you call them, cut the feet off and put them on backwards so they can’t reach the zippers. Voila!!!! Diapers stay on!

  9. Oh wow, we have a couple of escape artists too, but they have never summoned the police (yet) thank goodness!

    On the bright side, you now know what the police response time to such an emergency would be ;).

    It’s good to be able to laugh about these kinds of things afterwards :). Thanks for sharing. I have to admit I was laughing hysterically about the part where she just kept tapping on that alarm pad, lol.

  10. What a morning! I’m sitting here chuckling to myself as I read that because I can so totally see my Christian do something like that if given the chance. 🙂

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