Singing In The Rain

I’m not very good about awards – receiving or giving. But I love the idea of this award so much that I couldn’t resist passing it on.

The Singing In The Rain award is for individuals who demonstrate perseverance through extreme challenges, it’s for those can find the silver lining and keep shining when the going gets tough. I’m happy for the chance to encourage these women in my own small way on this blog.

It is not my intention to highlight their challenges. I am learning that it is no use to compare struggles. One’s life may seem more difficult than another’s. But pain is pain is pain. These women choose hope in the midst of their pain, and I want to honor them for it.

This award goes to Pixiemama. She is a wonderful mother to four beautiful children. This family has been through so much, and just when you think that they cannot endure anymore, they do – and come out stronger than before.  From brain tumors to autism to the loss of a dear friend, Pixiemama continues to encourage and support other families and share from her own experiences.  Simply put, she honest and brave.  Pixiemama, I know you say that you just do what you have to do, but you have a strength of heart that I truly admire!  Praying for more “perfect all the way around” days… 

This award goes to Ecki over at Opposite Kids.  She is a busy mom to two darling girls. Ecki posseses the patience I strive for. She is thoroughly committed to her family. She shares the life and love of a family affected by autism and Downs Syndrome. And even though she has every right to complain, she chooses not to whine but to enjoy her girls. I love this post: It’s A Daddy Thing about Kayla and her father. Ecki, I have learned so much from you!

This award goes to Tamara. Tamara is an amazing woman of faith and is a mother to three precious children. Her lovely daughter Abby Grace has so much to teach us. Abby has multiple disabilities including CP and epilepsy, and may possibly face brain surgery in the near future. I am really just getting to know them, but Abby and her family have already overcome so much, and the testimony of their daily lives is to God’s glory alone.  Here is a touching post (her photography is amazing) when Tamara got to see her sweet girl stand for the first time in a Hart walker! Tamara, thank you for your example of faith and for singing in the rain.

Please pass the award along to someone else you find singing…

Lastly, a word about the wonderful creator of the Singing In the Rain award. If you have not “met” Michelle over at In the Life of a Child, or 5 Minutes For Special Needs go on over pronto.  If it’s possible to find a “cyber kindred spirit”, I have found it in her. God has seen her and her family through many a storm. I love the lessons He has taught and is teaching her, and she beautifully shares them with us. Two of the most moving and inspirational posts ever: A Refuge In the Sea and If I Ever Doubt.  Michelle, thank you for your ministry – and for demonstrating – even in the darkest times – the goodness and faithfulness of God.

I’m so thankful for our blogging community!

4 thoughts on “Singing In The Rain

  1. Oh my goodness you are too sweet for doing this. Abigail and I have been really sick these past two weeks and I have not been on the computer for awhile and just now seeing this… wow I am so undeserving! God is so good and He should get all the glory! He sustains my every breath and provides the grace to get me through each day! I nominate you for this award! You are a woman walking your journey with such grace and love! Thank you again I am honored and touched by your kindness to think of Abigail! Blessing to you! Tamara

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