Miss Independent Means Well

Washing her hands after she sneezed

Washing her hands after she sneezed

She likes to go into the kitchen and help herself to a snack when she’s hungry.

I hear the refrigerator door open and slam against the wall. Seconds later I hear the contents of the refrigerator being dropped on the floor as she rummages for something to eat. Next the dishwasher door is opened as she searches for the biggest spoon she can find. I envision her carrying a bowl of rice to the kitchen table. Then I hear a crash and “Uh-oh”, and I know it’s time to intervene. (But first I make a happy mental note that she said Uh-oh spontaneously and appropriately, before I groan and go to clean the mess.)

There was the time she microwaved popcorn that was already popped.

There was the time she poured herself a glass of vegetable oil (she thought it was apple juice).

There was the time she wanted a popsicle and jumped into the chest-deep freezer. (I was standing right there and couldn’t believe she managed to climb in so quickly. The next day we put 2 safety locks on the big freezer, the refrigerator and oven).

But, gosh I love that she means well. She’s not always easy to teach, but when she gets something, she gets it. And I think she’s proud of herself.

When she learned how to buckle herself into her seat, no carseat or baby’s high chair was off limits. A few months ago, she and I were in the church parking lot and I stopped to chat with a friend who was sitting in her car. While we were talking, Rhema happily climbed into the open minivan next to us (not ours) and buckled herself into some little kid’s car seat. There she sat contentedly, swinging her legs, ready to go, so pleased with herself.

Take the picture in the header on this blog. This kid does NOT like socks and shoes. If she had her way, she’d go barefoot all the time. Oh, the battles we had trying to get her to keep her socks and shoes (and pants) on at school. We tried turning her socks inside out so the seams wouldn’t bother her. We tried different types of shoes (I was spending a fortune). One day it finally clicked that she had to wear shoes in public, and now she is very intentional about putting them on. I snapped the picture above with my cell phone when she was in the hospital a few months ago. A nurse brought her the bright yellow hospital socks. Rhema dutifully put them on, found her sandals and put them on the wrong feet. Quite satisfied.

To me, the picture is the essence of her – trying so hard to learn. Trying so hard to do what’s right.

8 thoughts on “Miss Independent Means Well

  1. So, that’s where your header photo came from. I love it!

    And, I love Rhema’s desire to learn. We should all be inspired by her willingness to try, try, and try again, never giving up!

    Can you imagine how much her tireless faith pleases the Lord?!

    Precious girl … and I see sweet lil’ sister Hope right in there with her! 🙂

  2. the amazing thing to me in all of it is the myriad skills that she must possess (in addition to her mama’s tenacity) to do all of these things.

    motor planning challenges be damned – girlfriend wants some juice!

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