The Pink-Eyed Bandit

Note: If you are not a Dora the Explorer aficionado, you may not appreciate this story.

It’s been sicky sickville around here.

Hope kicked things off a few weeks ago with bronchitis, followed by conjunctivitis.

Rhema picked up the conjunctivitis and threw in an ear infection and a “bacterial sinus infection” for good measure.  Tuesday night she was laying on my lap when her fever spiked to 103.  She had a febrile seizure that lasted almost 10 minutes.

Scary.  So scary.

Today she slept half the day away before I carried her downstairs. I was worried; she was so sick, so sluggish.


Then she spotted Hope’s Dora popsicle.

And the spark was back…

As stealthily as Swiper, she darted off the couch and stole the popsicle.

Aww man.

Hope wailed.  I got her another one.

Hope slowly and contentedly savored her new popsicle.

And then, moments later, out of nowhere, it was snatched from her hand again by the Popsicle Pilferer.

This time Hope was mad.

“Arrgggh!” she said. “Dat sneaky fox!”


16 thoughts on “The Pink-Eyed Bandit

  1. Let me be the first to say:
    Swiper, no swiping!
    Swiper, no swiping!
    Swiper, NO SWIPING! (Awww, mannn!)

    Hugs for the seizure. How terribly scary and stressful. (Do you have emergency meds on hand, like diazepam for rectal administration when a seizure goes that long?)

  2. Whenever Taz gets a fever, I turn into freakyparanoid mom. I once even took him to the ER because I was so sure that, because of the high temp, he was going to have THE BIG ONE. Times like that, I get why they dispense the rectal valium in packs of two. One for Taz, and one for his wigged-out mother.

    Maybe I just need Hope here — she cracks me up!

  3. Thank goodness for Dora Popsicles! Our middle child had fibral seizures. I remember after he would finish seizing just waiting for him to display some “normal” behavior so I could continue breathing regularly. 10 minutes is a long time!

    I pray health will return to your household quickly! Sicky sicknesses are no fun!

  4. I can only imagine your fear at a seizure lasting 10 minutes.

    I know we shouldn’t encourage the behaviors, but sometimes, sometimes, it’s just what a mama needs to see.

    Hope you emerge from sickville soon…

  5. Oh no. So glad to hear she snapped out of it, and what a sweet story. Brad has a typical peer who had a febrile seizure at 18 months and went into a coma. He’s okay now physically, but there was brain damage. So hypervigilance is warranted.

  6. Awww man! Poor Hope having to deal with a sneaky fox. Chee *just* realized that Dora was more than a character on her sippy cups, that she has her own TV show. Since then, I hear tons of “Awww man!” around the house.

    I sure hope everyone gets to feeling better soon. And big hugs for the 10-min seizure. I can only imagine how scary that was.

  7. Pumpkin Pie is a “swiper” also, especially to Owl, who is only two and much smaller than her. She will finish a popsicle and then go look around for a sibling who is not done and try to take theirs.

    I’m sorry about the seizure. Reading this makes me grateful that we do not have to deal with those, at least!

  8. Wow- what a week….that’s why I hate airplanes… for more reasons to follow. I never had pink eye until I had kids… I never knew what a febrile seizure was- until Marianne had one in the Atlanta airport next to the Ben-n-Jerry’s counter at Terminal C. She was 22 months old.

    We got off our first plane in A terminal and I called for the paramedics- b/c her cheeks were so red and she was so hot- they didn’t have a working thermometer or kids tylenol- I asked what to do – they said go buy some tylenol or you can go to the emergency room in an ambulance- I asked what I should do as I still had to catch a flight home to NC… they said catch your flight.

    So I trudged across the airport to Terminal C- bought the medicine and a slushy at Ben-n-Jerry’s then I looked down- she wouldn’t look at me when I called her name; she was drooling- then her eyes rolled back and she started to seize.

    I screamed- dumped the only liquid I had onto her head (apple juice) and told the clerk to call 911 for a seizure. I slowly pulled her out of her stroller and laid her on the ground on her side (I guess this was military training b/c I was thinking to myself she is going to die and never know how much we love her….).

    Out of nowhere an angel appeared. I say that b/c he told me he was a pastor and had a daughter who seized. He helped calm me down until the paramedics arrived- he comforted me- called my spouse- and gave me his address- at my request…. my thank you card returned with “no such address.”

    The paramedics brought her out of the seizure- I don’t know how long it was- 10-20 minutes? Then we did get to ride in that ambulance to that emergency room- where her temperature was measured at 105. As she colored- the crayons were melting/bending in her hands…I knew things would be okay when she said, “Nemo.” In the ambulance.

    Delta rearranged our flights, gave us food vouchers, set us up in a hotel… Since that day, I carry tylenol suppositories in my diaper bag- and tell all new mothers-to-be what a febrile seizure is and my experience.

    I hate lay-overs in the Atlanta airport…. for many reasons, but it’s always a good reminder of how God provides.

  9. Wowsers. That’s one crazy scary harrowing adventure. I don’t blame you for disliking layovers in Atlanta. Yikes! I can’t imagine – how many kids did you have at the time? Next time I won’t complain when I have to travel alone with the kids, and whenever we go through Atlanta I’ll probably think of you now.

  10. So sorry you’ve had to go through this. Hugs to Rhema, hope she’s feeling better now! We’ve had some seizure scares, nothing like this, but with doctors thinking Becca might possibly be having mild seizures, and then nothing showing up on the EEG. I’m grateful that it’s nothing more than that at this point, but still paranoid about the possibility.

    I love reading about the way your girls interact. So cute! And I told Becca about the Swiper incident. We’re big Dora fans here!

  11. Oh, I had to laugh out loud at this one! I am reading it more than a week after you wrote it, so I do hope that Rhema is better now … and that your freezer is well-stocked with Dora the Explorer popsicles! 🙂

    (Side note: when Katy was two and half years ago, she and I rode the train from Florida to South Carolina to visit my parents. It was a 16-hour trip. About 10 of those 16 hours, Katy repeated the word “fox” over and over and over … just saying it and laughing like crazy each time. I have no idea why that word came into her head. There was a very patient and kind family sitting in front of us. Dozens and dozens and dozens of times, Katy would pop up beside them and say “Fox!” They good-heartedly said “Fox!” right back at her … over and over and over again, laughing along with her. That was a painfully long train ride …)

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