Appropriate Play?

Rhema’s therapist T brought over some wooden blocks. Rhema instantly began stacking the blocks one on top of the other. (I remember the very first Early Intervention Inquisition. Well-meaning strangers came into my home, and suddenly everything my perfect baby did or did not do was questioned and analyzed. In their rapid line of questioning was, “Does she stack blocks?” “Well, no,” I sputtered. What’s the diagnosis for a kid who doesn’t stack blocks??? After they left, I worked with Rhema for hours teaching her how to stack blocks. I am proud to say that she is now a block-stacking queen.)

Rhema was stuck in a pattern of stacking blocks. So T modeled lining the blocks, one in front of the other, on the floor. Rhema resisted; she just wanted to stack them. I joined T and Rhema on the floor and, using hand over hand, we helped her make a track with the blocks on the floor .

Then T pulled out a couple of toy cars.

“Car,” she said. “Vrrooom. Vrrooom.” She moved the car along the track with her hand.

T demonstrated this a few times, and then she handed a toy car to Rhema.

Rhema purposefully placed the car on the track, sat atop it, and vrrooomed her way down the track.



I love the way she thinks.

16 thoughts on “Appropriate Play?

  1. That’s so sweet! Glad you got a photo of it.

    Joy still isn’t thrilled about stacking blocks. I think it bores her, though she’s able to make a small stack now with support. She much prefers to knock them down.

  2. very nice – creative. yeah I remember being puzzled at the suggestion that Brad needed therapy to expand his “play pallette.” huh??? It is, admittedly, a weird day and age to be a parent.

  3. Love the picture. She’s definitely thinking. I spent time with my autistic respite care boy on Sat. We stacked blocks too. The square ones with the letters and pictures on them. Thanks for sharing the laying of the track and car riding on it. Sometimes I just get stuck in a rut when I’m trying to entice him to play. He’s 7 years old and mostly non-verbal and not potty trained, diagnosed PDDNOS. My job is to get him away from the TV and more active. It’s hard in the winter when it’s so cold outside. We’ve gone to indoor play gymns & bounce houses & in good weather we haunt every single playground in a 15 mile radias.

  4. for the longest time, kendall did exactly that!! her car of choice was only slightly larger than rhema’s (made for barbie i think) and it cracked me up to see her balancing her little bum on it.
    very recently she started putting figurines in it and pushing them. maybe that’s next?

    (vroom vroom little one)

  5. Makes perfect sense to me. Far more creative (and fun!) than just pushing the car along on the track. It’s wonderful to see she’s doing more than just imitating the therapist.

  6. Oh, I remember the “does he stack blocks” question. The Paed taking out the lego blocks to see if Alexander would stack them. Me explaining to her that there wasn’t a chance in hell he was going to build a tower. I said he’d write something with it though.

    A moment later, we turned around and he’d gotten the lego and found a way to write “Monsters Inc” with them. 😉

    I love how he thinks.

    New to your blog, hope you don’t mind me having a look around. Your daughter is lovely, I love that photo. 🙂

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