This is What I Get

…. for forgetting to close the bathroom door.



 Caught white-handed.  Is that a look of guilt??



 Looks like all those exercises to decrease tactile defensiveness paid off…



 Fingerpainting that exhibits such fine motor control… her OT would be so proud.


(It’s lotion, by the way. Vanilla Body Lotion made from “Original Dead Sea Minerals.”)


14 thoughts on “This is What I Get

  1. That is some most excellent reframing you’ve got going there! Way to go!

    And I love Rhema’s eyes in that first shot. Beautiful, expressive, and utterly huge.

  2. At first I thought it might be shaving cream, but she obviously has better taste than that! I’d definitely go for the Vanilla Body Lotion! There is great learning in exploration! 😉

  3. Jeneil, I haven’t visited any blogs for a while – just too busy…sigh. I popped in here to catch up and couldn’t leave without telling you what a blessing you and your blog are.

    You move me to tears, girl – the grace of God is woven through your words so beautifully.

    And yes, Rhema’s name is prophetic…she speaks, even though it might not be with many words right now.


  4. That’s so funny! And I would say the same thing if Kayla did it — WOW! She’s not so tactile defensive! Wouldn’t her OT be so proud!

    I’d probably have the same reaction in Kayla ever decided to draw on the walls!

  5. Aah, this brings back to mind a similar scene in our bathroom with Desitin. Our bathroom smelled like baby buns (clean ones at least) for a week. I think I’d take the Vanilla Bean Sea Minerals…

  6. ooh, that must be one delicious smelling little munchkin.

    it sure looks like she had fun! (and tactile huh . don’t think so, mama!)

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