On the Mat


Thanks to some desensitizing exercises this week (thanks for the mat, Mom)

and some encouragement from Aunt Nay

and a lot of love and help from her Maker…

this Saturday, a plucky little girl…

had her feet firmly planted on the mats.


Best of all?  When she was able to walk and then run and then jump on the mats, my twin and I cheered, “You did it! You did it!”

She sang back, “IIIII do it. IIIII do it.”

19 thoughts on “On the Mat

  1. Last week I went back and looked at your Dancing in the Window post. G.T. my respite care boy, does the exact same thing and the windows look identical except for the stained glass. I printed the story for his family. His Dad’s reply was “Does she need a partner?” Dancing partner that is. Would it be okay to link to your post from my blog, if I did a piece on the two of them dancing in the windows?
    I’ll wait for your reply. I took my camera on Sat. to get a picture of him in the window, but he had rosy red chapped checks and a runny nose and was not acting his usual bouncy self, so I didn’t want to annoy him further. Maybe next week.

  2. She sang back, “IIIII do it. IIIII do it.”

    HOLY COW!!!!!

    HOLY FRIGGIN COW!!!!!!!!!!!

    UM, HULLO?


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