Mother Stuff

I remember the first time I dragged myself to a “support group meeting.”

I was a new special needs mom, and the whole night, I could not take my eyes off the other mothers.


Their hair was combed.

They seemed sane.

They were organized.

They were knowledgeable.

They were strong.

They were beautiful.

They could cry.

They could laugh.

They were still standing.


I remember thinking, “Oh.”

 Maybe…  just maybe… I can do this.

And that was a dose of hope and courage and purpose I greatly needed.


So thankful I get to experience this fierce, protective, undying, unconditional, heart-soaring, heart-wrenching, give-your-life-for, crazy mother love.

We know, there is nothing like it. 

And to think that God, who is Love, created this kind of love. (1 John 4:7-12)

And to think that He loves my girls even more than I do (Luke 11:13). Boggles the mind.


As I sit in the waiting area of Futures Behavior Therapy Center, I meet all kinds of mothers. Younger, older, tired, brave, moms of multiples, mom beating breast cancer, mom with a mission. Our children so different and so alike; they span the spectrum. Experience links us.

I am particularly honored to be a part of this club.


Autism File Magazine

12 thoughts on “Mother Stuff

  1. Thank you Jeneil. Three very specific waiting room moments are indelibly etched in my memory…and now the group of 4 moms who wait for band practice every Thursday night. We call ourselves Kingsmen Roadies. I think we need to stage a photo shoot! I’m sending this to them 🙂 Love the video.

  2. Yes! This is the best club ever. And I nominate you for president big sis. Big ups to you.

    I keep looking at my three month old wonder, my angel love and I think to myself …Really? I get to keep it?Golly!…What a wonderful world.

    “What manner of love the father has bestowed on us, that we should be called the CHILDREN of God!” ~1John3:1

    I am finally starting to get it Lord.

  3. So what kind of crazy stuff are we going to dress up in for our submission? Will we be hanging upside down from monkey bars all in a row?

    Wait, no, maybe underwater pics of us snorkeling on our 1st Annual Autism Mamas Sandals all expense paid vacation to St Lucia. Yeah, that one!

  4. Jeneil, you wrote: “And to think that He loves my girls even more than I do (Luke 11:13).” And, can you just imagine how much He loves you?

    I pray that He richly blesses your Mother’s Day, for you are His “treasured possession”. 🙂

  5. A beautiful tribute to mothers across the globe. We all have a story to write along these lines. Even if we’re not a mother, we’ve known a mother. We grew inside a mother; therefore, we stay connected to story of motherhood throughout life.

    Happy Mother’s Day to you. I feel so privileged to wear that title, even though most days, I’m pretty sure I don’t deserve it.


  6. Isn’t it good to know that we don’t stand alone? And that video… I’ve got goosebumps. Mother Warriors, each one. Grit, tenacity, love and beauty. Thanks for sharing.

  7. There is something so amazingly powerful about joining together; standing alongside and in the gap for one another.

    That is how God meant for all relationships to be…

    Happy Mother’s Day Jeneil! I’m proud to be mothering along with you!

  8. My, but Texas was well represented in that video…loved the music, too. Excellent message.

    Stopping by to thank you for honoring one of my favorite mamas – JoyMama!

    Clearly you two are kindred spirits. Must stop by here more often.

    Happy Mom’s Day to you!

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