An Argument

The scene unfolded like it does every day in our house.

Rhema and Hope each get a popsicle.

Rhema sucks hers down in a matter of seconds.

Hope prefers to savor hers in Rhema’s presence, which is her downfall.

Every time.

Rhema has been reprimanded many times for swiping Hope’s popsicle. Now, instead of just yanking it out of her hand she comes over and takes the biggest bite she can take and races off, leaving Hope holding the stick. (They’re mini-pops, so one big bite finishes it off).

Hope yells her same yell, My pop! No, Rhema. No!”

But this time.

Rhema, not daring to look at Hope, yells back, “No!”

Hope: “No!”

Rhema: “No!”

Hope: “No!”

(The popsicle has long since been in Rhema’s digestive tract at this point.)

Rhema: “No!”

Hope: “No!”

Rhema: “No!”


AAhhh. Their first fight.

(…And I guess Rhema got the last *word.* Get it?)


I’m so happy. 8)

21 thoughts on “An Argument

  1. Sounds pretty “normal” to me. Isn’t it great how we rejoice even in the upset because it smacks of normalcy, which for some of us, represents progress and development! Praising God in all things. I too recall times Allie and Reid have gotten into a fight and we’ve smiled gratefully at the glory of it, “they’re interacting.” Practically speaking I learned something from a very wise therapist that I’ll pass on. When an event like this occurs, go to the “victim” (Hope, in this case) and give her your attention and empathy. It disarms the aggressor and makes sure not to reinforce the undesired behavior. At the same time it compensates the victim for the foul. I of course, had been doing the opposite over time which led Allie to feel like she was always getting the short end of the stick (ah! another pun). Life is not fair, and yet we moms can even the score:)

  2. Hi! I love your blog. I was trying to find an email for you, but couldn’t? Our whole family will be in Mass this August. We will be staying at a hotel in Franklin for part of it. Do you know where that is? Then we’ll be at the Cape. One day we will be taking the train into Boston. If you’d like to meet somewhere for a few hours we’d try to fit it in. You could meet the famous Daniel 🙂 and his wonderful brother !

  3. Gotta love the infamous “No!” arguments. I wish all arguments could be that… um… cyclical?

    Congrats on the argument. 🙂 There will be more to come, I’m sure 🙂 LOL!

  4. LOL! I remember my boys being like this! Of course, they’re still like that sometimes, only now there are more words being exchanged! When Aidan was Hope’s age, if Nigel took something of his, he would follow Nigel around the house whining until Nigel gave it back just to stop the whining, no doubt. Of course, that wouldn’t work with a popsicle!

  5. LOL, we have those fights at our house all the time! Kayla knocked Laurie off the couch the last time. I’ll have to post some pics of that soon.

  6. ha! wonderful! it’s one of those upside-down moments when what’s ‘bad’ is ‘good’! sibling’s fighting! yay !

  7. “No” was Taz’s first word (actually, it was a prolonged, “N-uhn-n-uhn-n-uhn-n-uhn-NO!”, shouted at ear-splitting volume). It was music to my ears, too, even when he began saying it one gazillion times a day whenever I told him to do anything.

    Enjoy it.

  8. That’s wonderful, sisters are supposed to argue (I know, I’ve got five of them). Just wait until Rhema starts doing the “normal” pre-teen stuff like rolling her eyes when you talk. I never thought Becca would do that, but she does, and because it’s “normal” I can’t be upset about it.

  9. Yes! Sister fight. Awesome. That’s how you know the love is real. Go Rhema Beans!!! However, speaking from experience the younger sis always should and will get the last word. This is far from over!

  10. Once again, you have written something that reminds me so much of my two. Daniel — who loves to eat — is always looking for sneaky ways to swipe his siter’s food. I was laughing out loud until I got to the part where Rhema yelled back at her sister. Still cute, still humorous, but so much more!!!! How wonderful!!!

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