Mommy Mode


I recently reconnected with a dear friend from college (…my grudging thanks to Facebook). We were so goofy in school.

She came into town this weekend and spent a whole day with us.

My friend is beautiful, smart, single, extremely accomplished, currently working for a top law firm in Seattle.

When I picked her up from the airport, I asked her if she “wanted to go potty.” (She later told me that I asked her several times that day if she wanted to go potty).

At home, I gave her a Dora popsicle.

And I made her take a nap.

When we went out to eat, I, lost in conversation, unwrapped her straw and put it in her drink for her — just like I would do for any one of my kids.


Oh dear.


She, being such a good friend, laughed it off and said it felt nice to be “babied.”

When I told my sister about it, her response was: ‘You. have. serious. problems.’

Oh dear. (And I say ‘Oh dear’ now.)

I think somehow… somewhere along the way… I actually grew up and became a … mother.

15 thoughts on “Mommy Mode

  1. oh my gosh thanks for the laugh. You made my morning! When my kids were younger I remember catching myself doing things like that with adults. It’s being in automatic pilot. Thanks for making me smile 🙂

  2. LOL. I’m dying here. I was out for an adult beverage with a fellow autism mom about a year ago. She was playing with her knife – just kinda fiddling – and I GRABBED HER WRIST AND SCOLDED HER. She still loves to embarrass me with that story. Oh boy. And I can’t even think of adult-appropriate terms for the potty anymore. ?? I need to, uh, freshen up?

  3. Oh boy, next thing you know you’ll be licking your finger and wiping off Brandon’s milk mustache.

    If it gets worse, I’ll sign on for warm chocolate chip cookies, a lullaby and a tuck-in.

  4. Umm I now need to go potty cause I laughed so hard. Ummm will you take me? I’m afraid of the sound the toilet makes when it flushes. OH and the hand dryer.

    Hhahhahahah Thanks!

    Ooops forget it I just had an acccident. I’ll be needing a whole new outfit.



  5. Ha! Whenever I’m going anywhere with another adult I always ask, “Did you go to the bathroom yet?” (Guess now that my kids are 12 and 14, I finally graduated out of saying “potty” – but I still have to ask!) xoxo

  6. I once put a bib on my wusband at a restaurant, and I couldn’t figure out why everyone was staring at me like I was nuts.

  7. It feels good to laugh! Thanks for your good words here and in my replies. This mommy lexicon doesn’t go away for awhile. Teenage Allie instructs me on the way to her school events, “Just don’t call anyone “sweetheart” (especially the boys). I didn’t think I used that word but apparently it snuck into the vocab somewhere along the line. So embarrassing….for her!

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