Hospital Time


We’re off to the hospital
for a couple of days
For long-term testing
of Rhema’s brain waves


Confined to one room,
hooked up to machines
Keep Bouncy Girl still?
Ha! What a scene.


We’ve got movies and toys,
books, puzzles and games
All with high hopes
she’ll be entertained


Children’s Hospital Boston
is a sobering place
So many sick children
We pray for God’s grace


Good results for our girl
We also pray for
Still hope for a miracle
of seizures no more.


We’re so thankful to all
Who send well wishes our way
I carry each one of you
in my heart… always.


(So don’t make fun of my poem!)

21 thoughts on “Hospital Time

  1. Jeneil, Jeneil for you we pray

    a smooth and sweet hospital stay

    Dear Lord, give them the strength to go it;

    Thank you Jeneil’s a Mom, not poet.

    As always, we will pray for you all; special prayers and a big hug for our sweet girl. (They’ve got pops in the maternity ward freezers). Love to all, Carrie and Josh.

  2. As if! So go with our well wishes, lots of them. Since you’re all packed up already maybe you could just tuck them in your back pocket, as a little bit of padding will soften any blows.
    Best wishes

  3. Ahhh long term hospital stay, with a bouncy little girl, and you are writing poetry. Jeneil your good spirits totally lightened up my night. Three of my children and just last year we added me to list of people in our family who have had seizures. I will pray that you will get the answers you are looking for. I know how scary, and bewildering seizures are, not just for a parent but also for the person having them. I think if they can get this figured out you will see a whole new Rehma. I didn’t know I was having seizures for awhile (scary story) but, I was living in a constant fog, simple thoughts were impossible. I can’t imagine what Rehma must be going through, and you sweet Mom, my prayers are with you.

  4. Poetry is not my forte so I will not even attempt a poetic response!!

    Agreeing with you in prayer. May it all go better than you can even have imagined and may your precious daughter be well cared for!

  5. omg, mama edge rocks .. i was going with

    roses are red
    violets are blue
    no one but no one
    could make fun of you

    yeah, she wins



  6. How are things going? You have been on my mind a lot these last two days. I pray that answers will come soon. Are you sleeping in the hospitial with Rehma? Are you getting enough to eat and a little bit of sunshine?

  7. They wanted us to do a 4 day EEG. Alex would NEVER be able to do that. Luckily our lead neurologist felt that it was unnecessary, that good information was already gotten on the previous EEG.

    I’ll look for your results.

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