Oh, the Antics!

Lately, Rhema is into hiding things, namely, food. My mother-in-law was visiting from Michigan last week. She went to fix herself a nice, quiet cup of tea, but when she opened the teapot she found a Ziploc bag containing (what we think were) awfully smelly, blackened, fuzzy strawberries. No telling how long they’d been there.

Today I found the crusts of her $6.39 GFCF pizza (she only eats the soy cheese) in one of my books bags.

When I served her tator tots this weekend, I watched her wrap the tots in a paper towel and stash them (in a perfect row, of course) in a desk/cabinet where we keep a phone. There I found a large family of old tator tots just waiting for others to join them. (Good sorting skills, I’m thinking – putting the old tots with the new tots and not with the rotting strawberries in the teapot).

Speaking of hiding places, she’s found a new one for herself.


(Yes, we’ve tried safety locks on the dryer, freezer, refrigerator and toilet. She’s long since figured those out.)

When she’s not hiding in the dryer, she can be found in the bath tub. The girl is absolutely obsessed with bubbles baths lately. The only problem is as soon as I turn my back, she dumps the entire bottle into the tub. She.is. FAST. I have spent a small fortune in bubble bath and bath soap.

Recently, I started hiding (seems to be a theme) the bottles of bubble bath. But Rhema, despearate for bubbles, will grab the nearest bottle of whatever and run upstairs, disrobe, jump in the tub, and dump the whole bottle in. To date, she has bathed in hand soap, vegetable oil (her favorite), Olay refreshing toner, baby oil, shampoo and glitter finger nail polish. The other day, I did manage to stop her from bathing in Coppertone SPF 50.

So. I’m not one for bloggy giveaways, but I thought you might like to hazard a guess as to what she took a bath in yesterday???


To the first person who guesses correctly, I will send a copy of my book, Sunburned Faces. (I wrote this book long before I had children.)

Any takers?

22 thoughts on “Oh, the Antics!

  1. OK, I’m gonna say Listerine (and that was before I read the other replies). Just write it all down and release it….for a time I would buy the cheapest possible 99 cent store products and just keep refilling ’em with colored water for Reid. Now we are fighting the tape battle. He peels and sticks entire rolls–scotch, masking, even duct. Contraband at our house.

  2. Pedialyte. (bottle)

    And adrea’s idea looks worth a try.

    Stowing food, very interesting. Reminds me of small, forest creatures with fluffy tails that eat nu-aah-acorns.

  3. Gatorade? My littlest one LOVES bubbles too. He dumped in the ENTIRE bottle the other day (and I was right there..how I don’t know!!)

    I didn’t know you had already written a book! I’ll go check it out!

  4. i had a good laugh at all of that. i’ll join the group of moms who claim a kid with a water/bubble obsession. with daniel, i think it is much more a water obsession. and i do mean obsession in every sense of the word. the kid could take 5 baths a day. he can swim for hours. whenever we see a water fountain in public, i must go into immediate alert or else i might find myself pulling out a wet child. (and Lord knows I let him get away with a lot of it, but we all know there are some fountains that just cannot let your child play in!!) 🙂

    he likes to stop up my sink and fill it with soap. he usually turns off the water before it overflows, but now always. i have had to clean up a flooded bathroom 3 times now. and i made him get down in his knees and help mop up all that water. i was NOT a happy mama.

    glad to know you have a book and can’t wait to read it!

  5. Guess that was pretty easy. 8)

    Yep, it’s mouthwash. Specifically ADVANCED LISTERINE ANTISEPTIC MOUTHWASH WITH TARTAR PROTECTION… Arctic Mint flavor, thank you very much.

    It didn’t seem to burn, but she sure did smell like listerine for a while…

    Heidi, (hey girl!) I’ll send you a book!

  6. Ha! My guess was mouthwash, too … even before I saw the other comments. 😉 I’m way behind on my blog reading but looking forward to catching up on everything I’ve missed here! 🙂

  7. Well I’m glad I didn’t see this until now because the first thing to come to my mind was Bombay Sapphire! Ha ha, I would have hated for THAT to be the first guess….

  8. Somehow it is slightly comforting to know I am not the only mother dealing with this type of thing. A friend directed me to your blog & I have been sitting here crying as I read it.

    I will pray for you while your husband is gone. God bless him for giving of himself to protect our country & God bless you for giving him up for so long so that he can.

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