She said

Last week while visiting her grandparents in Michigan, Hope sat in the sunroom reading “Potty Time With Elmo.”

So inspired was she by Elmo that she peed in her pants right there on the spot.

(Yes, she’s in big girl underwear now. Yes, my diapering days are alllmmmost over!)

After Hope, the chair and the floor were cleaned, Hope and Grandma returned to the sun room to relax.

Grandma commented, “Oh, it looks like it’s going to rain.”

Then my Jesus-Loves-Me-singing, princess girly girl got a giggle in her soul as she declared, “Well, I sure hope it doesn’t rain from my butt!”


22 thoughts on “She said

  1. And how does one respond to THAT?!!

    Oh, she is a cutie and you’re right, she and Sarah have some definite similarities!

    By the way, do you ever feel badly for not talking about Hope as much as Rhema? I harbor a bit of guilt for focusing so much on Charlotte, imagining a future day when Sarah finds t his and wonders why she’s so rarely mentioned? I’m going to try to work in from now on!

  2. Let’s hope!
    I’ve caught a few similar accidents on dadtoday. it is hard to resist, and I don’t think I will either as James shifts out and Maya in to this phase. Though I do think — while I’m sure I had accidents myself as a toddler, I got to and through middle school without friends — who weren’t born potty trained either — being able to discover public records of it all, left for the world to discover by my parents. Sometimes, I picture my kids my age and becomming parents themselves, and looking back on all these old stories with laughter and gladness and a deep sense for how much we love them. But, man, middle school is rough enough. I haven’t solved this riddle yet…

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