Been kind of empty on words here lately

like my Thanksgiving bowl

the leftovers are long gone

and all I can say is

Thank you

This has stayed with me: “And then there was that quote from Kahlil Gibran’s The Prophet … something about suffering being the gouging and digging out of the “bowl” of your soul… which eventually allows that bowl to hold even more abundant joy once it is filled back up… “

Sounds like God.

And only He does it best.
(If we let him) fill us through the empty-ing,
satisfy the soul in drought,
bring beauty out of ashes,
pour out the oil of joy for mourning,
make low every mountain,
exalt every valley,
restore the places long devastated,
make our wilderness like Eden,*
and Jesus, the broken bread and poured out wine,
through death, give us Life.


Been kind of empty

this good kind of empty

And all I can say is

Thank you, Lord


*Isaiah 40,51, 61

12 thoughts on “Full

  1. “this good kind of empty”

    We can work so hard to get full, can’t we? A little more and a little more. But if it’s crappy stuff we’re filling up on, we can be overflowing and still feel empty.

    The use of “good” as a descriptor for “empty” seems contrary to what we are led to believe is true – Surely, we’re a culture of Good And Plenty. Not good and empty.

    You are wise to note that it’s not an oximoron. When else are we available to be filled with what God has for us, than when we are empty and willing. And you – thankful, to boot.

  2. Sounds like the eye of the storm. The most peaceful time in my life with God was in the longest, toughest part of the storm. Having no more strength of self, but yet peace and thankfulness is the joy that is the daily strength. Excepting all open and closed doors from God knowing He is PERFECT! With a goal of salvation unto all who will receive. In these times the hand of God is so visible into the heart and mind. Seeing God truly move upon somebody’s heart to meet a need, say a certain word, or a view that only God knew in your prayers. Each cherished time refreshes the spirit to know He is with you every step of the way. This is JOY the Lillie of the valley……Thank you Lord for on going daily bits of joy to strengthen us on our journeys to let your Glory shine through your vessels……

  3. there is such a sense of peace here. and grace. yes, this is grace. once again, you teach by example. thank you for yet another gift.

  4. Beautiful thoughts. I’ve added you to my blogroll and I’ll be back to read more.

    It’s so good to read other people’s words on this crazy thing that runs our children. And the words that show that something outside of ourselves is still in control.

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