Mail Call

Friends, I have a request.

During our last conversation, my husband casually mentioned on the phone that there’s this huge box – like the size of our kitchen table – in his unit in Iraq, and every day it’s filled with mail.

But there has not been one single piece of mail for him.

Sniff. I’m. so. bad.!!!!!!


As you are dropping beautiful holiday cards or family newsletters in the mail, would you address one to him???  If sending a card, all you have to do is put a stamp on it and drop it in the mailbox (-no need to go to the post office).

Believe me, he loves this stuff. He hasn’t lived in his hometown since he was eighteen, and he still receives the town’s 4-page newspaper and every Sunday church bulletin. And he actually reads them. (I’ll be boxing all those up and sending them to Iraq).

His address:

MAJ Brandon Russell
FOB Sykes
APO AE 09351

(He told me what all those letters stand for. HBCT stands for “Heavy Brigade Combat Team.” Ugh. Sounds… heavy.)


Can you help a sista out?

60 thoughts on “Mail Call

  1. Addressed and done. I’ll have Britton put it through the APO on Monday morning… because well, I’m takin’ advantage of the free APO to APO thing! 🙂

  2. What a sweet thing for you to ask for people to brighten your husband’s day! No soldier should go without warm thoughts from home. During my husband’s most recent deployment, I didn’t always have time to write either…so I started sending him things like his favorite new release DVDs, his favorite candy, the kid’s school artwork that came home each week, and little things like that. The kids sat down once a week and would compose something to him, too, so we made it more of a family activity. I sat down and pre-addressed quite a few envelopes when I did have some downtime so that they were “ready to go” and it made it easier for me to just pop things in the mail to him. It meant a lot to him to know that we were thinking of him…even though “autism” was keeping us pretty darn busy here at home. Best to your family and may your husband come home safe and sound and soon.

    • Jackie, THANKS so much for the great ideas! Hope colored some pictures today that we’ll be sending. And thanks for helping me not feel so bad about not writing!

  3. Absolutely!! My cousin is there too…but not in the same area. Anything for a Sista!!!!

    Best Holiday Wishes to you and the girls!

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  6. Done! My son sent some cards to other soldiers over there already so he was thrilled when I told him we had one more to do! Hope you have a wonderful holiday, even though your hubby isn’t there with you, he is in your heart, as I am sure you are in his 😉

  7. I will def write a card to him. I have a 11yr.old son w/ autism, seizure disorder and bi polar disorder, so I can relate. I am also single and also have a 13 yr old son. Good luck to your family . Its very tough.

  8. Yep, I am addressing it today and it will go out today! It looks like he is going to get tons of cards. He is going to be so happy! I will also keep him and you in my prayers! I cannot imagine what it would be like to be in your spot and having to take care of my child with autism and yet have my husband deployed. Bless your heart momma! Thank you to you and your sweet heart for the sacrifice that you are doing for all of us!

  9. Our family would love to send your brave husband a Holiday Cheer!! Our best to you and your family during the Holiday Season!
    Hough Family
    Milford, MA

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  11. I’m just reading this now; but I will do my best to get some New Year encouragement on it’s way soon!

    Merry Christmas to you sweet friend!! I am praying for all of you today as you are apart this Christmas Season!

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