I told myself I would not be one of those parents who ooohhhs and aahhhs and details every little thing my kid does and says, but alas…

God gave me Hope.

She turned 3 years old a couple weeks ago, and I had not known merriment until she blessed my life.

Some of my favorite Hope-isms of late (- her words in pink, of course):

“Good dinner, Orange Blossom. You get a token.”


“Hope, what are you doing?”

“I’m blowing little bubbles in my bum. That’s what I like to do.”


“Mommy, let me pray for you. You. need. it.”


“Hope, do you want broccoli or green beans with your dinner?”
“Broccoli and green beans.”
“No babe, broccoli OR green beans. One or the other. Which do you want?”
“The other.”


“Mommy! I pooped out all my chocolate frosting!!!”


(singing…) “The farmer in the hell. The farmer in the hell.”


“This whistle needs batteries.”


“Um. I don’t like your sweater… but I love you.”


“I’d like a happy meal, please.” (said to the CVS employee at the drive-thru pharmacy)


After bath time and before I put her pajamas on, Princess Hope likes to stand on a chair and look at her royal self in the mirror. She grins and waves and giggles and turns every which way.

The other night she placed her hands on her chest appreciatively and said,

“Oh, Mommy. Just look at my two acorns!”


34 thoughts on “Hope-ism

  1. Ok but how can you not ooh and ahh and laugh until your stomach hurts when you have a child that says those types of hilarious things?

    I think us special needs Mamas oooh and ahhh over our typical kids development because we truly know what a miracle it is for it to come so easily.

    Love to you, your fabulous hubby and those beautiful precious girls!!!

  2. I’ve wondered too if the real juice and distinction of any of my dadwritings came and went in the transition years of becoming a dad, and now that I am definitely IN, my writings are doomed to devolve to oohs and ahhs about how damn cute they are. maybe so maybe so, but this is still funny reading. and so easy to forget, once the newest whatever crowds out the memory.

  3. “I told myself I would not be one of those parents who ooohhhs and aahhhs and details every little thing my kid does and says”

    be that parent! your sweet ones are adorable, you tell insightful stories about their lives…and come on, look at that picture! we’ll ooohh and aaahhh along with you.

  4. Ahahaha! I love those, Jeneil. They reminded me of a few “Katy-isms” from when she was about three years old.

    1) “Your legs are fat and have whiskers on them.” (Her response when I asked her why she didn’t want to come sit in my lap.)

    2) “Oh, look, Mommy! Pastor Tim is making us a snack!” (Her excited announcement in the middle of a worship service, as our pastor prepared the communion table.)

    3) “He is exhausted; the King is exhausted, and I will praise Him!” (Her version of “The King is Exalted”, sung with gusto during a worship service.)


  5. Oh. my. goodness. Jeneil, thanks so much for the laugh this morning! 🙂 Hope reminds me SO much of our Olivia. They are both little princesses. Hope is precious! 🙂

  6. God did give you Hope to make you laugh, smile and enjoy throughout your day!

    One of my favorite Jonathanisms was a spontaneous prayer as we were driving somewhere. (Fortunately I didn’t get into a car accident.) “Dear God, thank you for my WONDERFUL penis.”

    Can you see God almost falling out of His Throne? Of course, as if He didn’t know that was coming.


    Acorns….loving it.

  7. hi
    i just found your blog
    i’m mom to twin daughters (who just turned 3)
    One is ASD the other PDD
    Just desperate for answers, scared but hopeful

  8. LOL!!!!! I almost choked on my string cheese stick! The show “Kids Say the Darnedest Things” comes to mind. They come out with the funniest things. Nylis has a book of them too! The other day Nylis hurt his leg and said, “I need Daddy,” with a pout. “Daddy? What about Mommy?” I was perplex. “Yeah, I need Mommy.” A few moments pass. “I need Patriots.” Apparently the Patriots have healing powers in my kids mind. Too funny!

  9. i’m new to your blog and just stumbled upon this amazingly wonderful post! please, please, PLEASE continue to share your Hope-isms! the people in my office think i have lost my mind cause i am back here at my desk-cracking up!!! thanks for sharing!

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