The Craziest Thing Just Happened…

5:30 am

Friday, February 26, 2010

The child opens her door. She walks DIRECTLY to the bathroom. She turns on the light. She lifts the lid of the toilet. I get there just in time. She’s in fleece, footless pajamas that I put on inside out and backwards to prevent her access to the zipper. AND they’re duct-tapped on. I quickly unwarp and unzip her. She sits down and successfully goes to the bathroom. Then she casually returns to her room.

In light of my last blog you can understand why I’m in total shock.


There’s always hope.


35 thoughts on “The Craziest Thing Just Happened…

  1. Ok didn’t I say that Daniel did a lot of the smearing when he was trying to figure out potty training?? Didn’t I!?!? yahoo!!! She is trying to figure out what it all is. If she goes somewhere besides the bathroom, bring her into it and tell her this is where she should be. That is amazing!! This stage was the hardest one for me yet. Good luck!

  2. I’m reading backwards, but I can imagine what I’m going to read next. I have to apologize for chuckling at your expense. I remember these days and being surprised like you when he actually made it to the bathroom.

  3. ditto Beth’s comment.

    Now. Treatment for shock:
    1) blog about it. (check)
    2) go back to bed
    3) stay warm
    4) eat well
    5) maintain hope
    6) if it happens again, have her help clean it up.

    Very, very happy for you and Rhema!

  4. Loved catching up with you today and all your previous posts… especially loved hearing about the body of Christ in action and on your family’s behalf.

    You have some good friends, Jeneil, and if I were there, I’d hope to be one of them.

    Prayers for all of you this day. You continue to be my hero.


  5. That is wonderful!!! I had tried to comment after your last post and it wasn’t working for me. What I had wanted to say was, that post brought me to tears and made my heart literally ache for you…but as I read on, I was inspired. Your faith, your insights, has forever changed my perspective and my relationship with both God, and my own child on the spectrum.

    I have never met you or Rhema, but you are on my mind a lot, and I pray for you often. I know God is doing something.

    Take care and God bless… Deb

  6. Amen indeed. Wonders never cease! Who are we to ask “why?” I like to think as Beth that our prayers availeth much and that your blogging about it in thanksgiving and giving God the glory in all things unleash the answers (and desires of your heart).

    Now to repeat and and reinforce and anchor that skill. How are you celebrating with Rhema and Hope?

  7. That calls for a celebration, for sure! Doing a major happy-dance over here for both of you :). (although I’m kinda glad you can’t see it because, well, my dancing is embarrassing!! lol)

  8. I can’t stop smiling!!!!! 🙂
    God is an awesome God and he soooo answers prayers!!!!
    Praise Jesus!!!!
    Go Rhema!!!!
    I’m rejoicing with you Neily!!!! I pray the this is the beginning of the official potty training like it was for your blog friends child and that rest will soon come to you and your household.

    I just love you and Hope and Rhema!!!!
    Go God!!!!

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