My help

“Daddy, did you know that the Bible says Jesus will help us?”
~Hope, age 3 (said over phone to father stationed in Iraq)


The place we call home on July 12, 2010


Have you ever watched Extreme Makeover Home Edition and wondered how long it takes the family to write all those thank you cards?

I feel like I’ve been living in one of those episodes for the past year. And although we don’t get a brand new house like the people on the show, we feel  just as rich and blessed. I imagine I sound like a broken record on this blog, but we continue to be amazed by the generosity, love and support we’ve received from so many.

1. The blogging community has wrapped its arms around us. We have received e-mails, cards, packages and prayers from all over the country — from people we’ve only met through cyberspace. I am at a loss as to how to express my gratitude… that you would take the time to care for us in such thoughtful, meaningful ways. Every single little gift and encouraging word is written on my heart. Thank you. 

2. The church community has taken care of our every need in my husband’s absence. Babysitting, laundry, meals, moral support… and they would help even more if I let them!

I’ve often written about Rhema’s habit of painting her walls in poop (sorry about that). Her room had this unique, old wallpaper and every time I scrubbed her walls, pieces of the wallpaper came off. Some time ago, Rhema began peeling off more pieces of wallpaper and eating them. (Lead, anyone?)

Right after her lead poisoning diagnosis in March, a few men from our church stepped in to help me redo Rhema’s walls.

Mr. Steve (LOVE him!) and I stripped all of the wallpaper. It was NOT an easy job, and Mr. Steve ended up doing most of the work:

Mr. Steve

Others spent hours sanding the walls and painting the room with a highly washable paint.



Since her room was painted over 3 months ago, Rhema has not had a single episode of poop art. Not one!  



This past Saturday I had to pack up the house, pack up the girls and move to a hotel for a month while our house gets deleaded. I had done as much prep work as I could, but there was still tons to do.

I know I’m not alone, but I felt alone. My sister and her husband – who I can always count on – were out of town. My husband was waaayyy out of town… unreachable… on a mission in Kurdistan (wherever that is).

The moment I sensed the panic overtake me was when I prayed my most eloquent prayer ever:

“Lord, help!”


And God sent:

Steve H. and Pastor Gary



The Crew

 … and Betsy, Jessie, Kris, Cha, Melissa, Amalia

… and Hope for comic relief.

Thank you all for carrying me and my girls this weekend. Thank you for making this move *easy*. Thank you for standing in the gap for Brandon and giving him the comfort of knowing his family is taken care of.


Let us hear the Lord Jesus speak to each one of us… ‘Help thee?’ Fear not! If there were an ant at the door of thy granary asking for help, it would not ruin thee to give him a handful of thy wheat; and thou art nothing but a tiny insect at the door of my all-sufficiency. ‘I will help thee.’
~Charles Spurgeon