“If Christ be anything He must be everything.”
~Charles Spurgeon


We got a great CD from vacation Bible school last week. Hope likes to dance and sing the songs at the top of her lungs.

One of our favorite songs has a line in it that goes, “O Lord my God, to you I give my everything.”

We were cruising in the car when my 3.5 year-old in her princess tiara asks,

“Mommy, what does it mean to give God everything?”

Oh boy.

“Well… babe.  Um… see… Ugh! I’m so not good at this! O.k., O.k. What does it mean to give God everything? Well, everything we have, God gave it to us… He gave you me… um, you know, He gave you Mommy…(I’m your… Mama). And Daddy and Rhema and all your friends and all your toys… He gave you air to breathe, your very life!”

I’m falling all over my words.

“…And He loves you so much that He even gave Jesus. You know how Jesus died on the Cross and rose again so that we could be forgiven and have grace and Life?…  So we are grateful, and we say, ‘God take my life, take my heart… I am yours. Do what you will with me. I love you… and I give it all to you…  everything.’”

I think I’m on a roll now. “…And, Hope, when you really give Him everything… I mean, everything… you will be free and God will do amazing, beautiful things with your life.”

Hope is quiet, deep in thought. I glance at her in the rear view mirror. She is staring down at her glitter toes and sparkly flip flops.

She looks up with a say-it-isn’t-so look on her face.

“But does that mean I have to give God my shoes???”