Just Can’t Say It Enough

“They be lovin’ you! I don’t know why.”
~my twin


We are approaching the one-year mark of Brandon’s deployment to Iraq. And I am convinced that we are the most supported military family in the country.

I need to say thank you again and a million times to the blogging community for “The Mailbox Ministry” (-that’s my name for it, anyway!) I have lost count of how many cards, letters and “boxes of blessings” we have received in the mail. Books, CD’s, toys, T-shirts, bags, games, jewelry, gifts cards, a yoga mat (!), bath salts, Mike & Ike’s and candy corns, incense, and even pre-stamped thank you cards… we are overwhelmed with your kindness and generosity.

I wish that you could feel my emotion as I type these words. Thank you for blessing my little girls. I wish you could hear Hope squeal when she receives a princess book. I wish you could see the delight on her face when she opens a homemade card with her name on it. I wish you could watch Rhema play for hours with a new Play-a-Song book or see how she cuddles with a new stuffed animal.

They don’t know why people they’ve never met would be so nice to them (I don’t quite understand it myself), but they understand they are loved and thought of and prayed for. You have communicated that to them. They have missed their father this year, but their lives have been filled with blessed joy and contentment – I thank you so much for your part in that.

Thank you, sister-friends, for thinking of me. Your words and gifts for me have been sanity-saving, spirit-lifting, peace-bringing and soul-calming. My children owe you their lives! Thank you for praying for us! As I’ve said before, every single little gift and encouraging word is etched on my heart.

Below is a little video montage – a sample of some of the meals and gifts given to us this year. It’s a clumsy way for me try and say thank you. There’s a little “surprise” at the end that I hope will touch your heart (turn up the volume!)

Thank you, thank  you.


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