On second thought




Me, on phone with mother: “Rhema has matured so much. I’m so proud of her. We took her to Storyland last weekend and we only lost her once. Just once! What happened? Well, she went into this big tree house thing… and I was waiting for her to come down the slide. After she did not come down for several minutes, I went into the tree house and she wasn’t there. I called my twin. We spread out searching the park, calling her name. It didn’t take long to find her happily riding on a merry-go-round. But the thing is, I would not have dared take her to an amusement park a year ago. She’s come so far!

Yes, this poor heart of mine beats a little slower these days. In fact… in fact I think it’s time to retire the old descriptors “bolter” and “escape artist” and “Houdini”. Those terms are just so unfair to Rhema now. No, I think something like “occasional wanderer” is a much be—

Hold on, Mom. There’s another call coming in…



Neighbor Sandy, excited, out of breath: “This is ol’ Sandy from across the way. I was out in my backyard a few minutes ago. I saw Rhema sticking her very lovely head out the top of the upstairs window next to her air conditioner. Smart as a whip she is! She’s figured out how to undo that window from the top. Ok, just wanted you to know. Scared me to death!”

Me, on phone: . . . (Speechless).




*Picture Source: http://www.anniemayhem.com/blog%20pics/HarryHoudini.jpg

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