A Good Game

bingo  (or “zingo” in our house) as an interjection or sentence substitute

1. used to acknowledge someone’s sudden understanding or correct response: Bingo! That’s just what I meant!
2. an expression of surprise at a sudden occurrence or the successful completion of something: and bingo! the lights came on




Hope cheated


Rhema gave her card a sideways glance and had the thing memorized 


Rhema hoarded the duck pieces


Hope cheated


Rhema matched pieces on Hope’s card more than she did her own

(It took so long for her to get the concept, but now she’s got it).


Hope yelled, “My turn!”


Rhema repeated, “i tur!”


Game pieces got thrown under the table


Rhema dumped all of the pieces off her card and decided to flap it instead 


But. they. played. 







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