Greater Boston Walk Now for Autism Speaks 2010


Two years ago we did not get very far.

But today we not only made it onto the track, we walked two miles. Woof!


We saw dear friends Judith and Jack. Before we walked, 25,000 people sang Happy Birthday to Jack!

Thanks, Jude.


Our hot hot pink girls, Jess and Katie:


Thank goodness for Melissa


The twin, Princess Hope and Lexi


The princess, still recovering from illness, hitched a ride on Uncle Joel


Rhema had a blast and couldn’t resist feeling the race track in her hands.


Lexi ran the last lap




Our precious girl

Thank you all for walking this walk with us.

Each day, each year we walk a little further toward building better lives for our marvelous children because you share the journey with us.

14 thoughts on “Greater Boston Walk Now for Autism Speaks 2010

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  2. we were at our autism walk too this past weekend. its so nice to have a time when we can all come together like this. love the photos of the day… man, i would LOVE to have rhema’s gorgeous hair!!

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