Homecoming Surprise

Fourteen months to the day Brandon left home,

he returned and surprised the girls at school!


Hope was speechless. And that is saying something. She just hugged him, no, clung to him, for the longest time.



Rhema, who used to never seem to notice us or greet us, was all giggles and melted in Daddy’s arms.



(Here’s a link to the news story if you cannot get Youtube):



*Link to The Salem News: A Happy Homecoming


Sweet day. Thank you, Lord.


39 thoughts on “Homecoming Surprise

  1. Finding that video on the news website was the first thing I did when I got home from a school meeting tonight at 8:30! I cried! I’m so happy for you guys!

  2. This is the most heartwarming story I’ve seen in a long time!!
    Thank you so much for sharing your family with me. Thanking God for reuniting your family.

  3. Thanks so much for sharing this! Rhema absolutely ADORES her daddy! I love how she is just touching and squishing his face and nestling into him.

  4. No words for the glory of that reunion! The love on Rhema’s face was priceless. Absolutely priceless.

    And I love the fact that there is no longer an address on your blog to write to Brandon thousands of miles away! Have a beautiful weekend TOGETHER.

  5. What a treasure these photos and the news story are .. Thank God Brandon is home safe. I am so happy you are all together again and so grateful to your family for your sacrifice. Praying now that the road gets a bit easier..

    Favorite part: Rhema touching Daddy’s face .. Love, love..

  6. yay!! Blinking away happy tears! i’ve been thinking of your family so much! i’m glad he’s home. The video is so special! (Fun surprise for the girls!!!!)

  7. May your time together bring all the joys and bonding that was felt in Brandon’s absence. Having dadddy home is so very special for the girls. Be blessed, thank you for sharing the video. I would have missed it other wise

  8. Praise the Lord!! Tears are running down our face! The channel 7 news story was a well deserved honor for all of you. We are so proud of the sacrifice that you made as a family. Love and miss you.

    Tra’Vorus, Gena, Elianah & Simirah

  9. Oh Jeniel, I am so, so excited to see that he’s returned home safely to you and your daughters!! The video was *awesome* what a beautiful homecoming :). Crying happy tears over here!

  10. Sorry for my lateness, finally home! But oh my goodness, was that awesome! That’s the highlight of my day for sure, seeing Brandon surprise the girls. I bet they will remember that forever.

  11. My husband and I watched this together… I kept reminding him that this was my friend and her husband, both valiant warriors in life! We’re so very proud of you both and pray that this transition back into home life goes smoothly for everyone. I just hate it that you’re not coming back to Bragg.

    Blessings and peace all around. Truly, you both embody what it means to be an American hero; spiritual ones as well.


  12. AWESOME! Such a beautiful video.

    Brandon is so gentle and gracious, and you my dear….HOW do you look so good? Huh? What’s your secret?

    I am so happy you are all together again.


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