The name


I’ve been studying Abram in the book of Genesis.

Abram. The name means exalted father, which once seemed like a cruel joke. Because he was not a father at all.

It was his heart’s desire to have a child, an heir.

And at the ripe old age of 99, God made a covenant with him and said He’d make him a father of many nations. His descendants would be as numerous as the stars in the heavens. He changed his name from Abram to Abraham. “-ham” means “many” or “multitude.” Thus Abraham = father of many nations. The name was given to him before his son Isaac was born. But Abraham, against all hope believed in hope. His name was a promise.  


Rhema. The name means spoken word, which once seemed like a cruel joke. Because she has autism and LKS, two conditions that make it very difficult for her to speak. At 6.5, she is considered pre-verbal. But like Abraham, I’m believing in the God of hope. Her name is a promise.

Is there something you’ve long prayed for, waited for?


After some discouragement over loss, it’s good to see the gains.  

And I had to share… 

her daily list of words (prompted and spontaneous) from school:

(Her wonderful teachers had to use both sides of the paper!)


I’ve started calling her Rhemaham.

Girl of many spoken words.

21 thoughts on “The name

  1. that’s wonderful! (P.S. I had a terrible dream last night that you were moving to Florida to homeschool some nieces and nephews. I was SO glad to wake up!) 🙂

  2. Before I even finished reading your entire entry, I thought, “we should call here Rhemaham”!

    And…well…you thought the same. 🙂

  3. It is too amazing that you and Brandon chose the name you did for Rhema. God knew what would come for her in the future, even when you did not. And he knows now what is yet to come, even when we don’t. It will be fitting. We will see. Her story is just beginning.

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