And we have words…

In honor of the impending snow storm, I am posting a song about what we will not be doing in the morning:

getting ready for school!

Last week’s home therapy session with our very beloved therapist Terre started with Rhema lying flat on the floor refusing to get in her chair. But things improved and she blew our minds! We kept our cool, but Terre and I could barely keep from doing backflips across the living room.

How I thank God for picking us up off the floor and giving a heaping dose of hope and joy just when we need it.

Her words are not all super clear in the video, but many of them are spontaneous, appropriate and, well, perfect! 

In the face of “severe autism” and a stubborn seizure disorder, my never-give-up girl is still finding a way to speak.

School. Shoe. Brush. Teeth. Eat. Bus. All done. Yeah.

Oh yeah, Rhemaham. We hear you loud and clear!  


(Oh, and Terre’s sensitive about her singing. 8) )

28 thoughts on “And we have words…

  1. YAY!!!!!!!!!!! I did a little jig watching this (I had to watch it twice btw!) Go Rhema! (and I love the look Terre shoots you as Rhema answers her questions!)

  2. Wow! Amazing! Seems like she’s just on top of it, I can’t think of a way to phrase this that might come out wrong, so just know I mean this in a thrilled way- she just seems like an everyday “normal” girl her age there. Just a kid playing with a book.

    I am going to be singing the little song to myself.

  3. Sweet Rhema! So smart! So beautiful! So happy that she is saying all these words!

    And I love how Terre keeps looking at you during the song as if to say “Can you believe it?”

    Hope to see more video just like this in the future!!!!

  4. jeneil, she is so engaged!!!!!!!!!! words! words! words!!!!!!

    her progress is AMAZING and just shows the dogged dedication of her incredible family, the love and dedication of the fabulous people who work with her, and HER tenacity. a powerful mix indeed. i truly believe that in time, there will be nothing that child can’t do.

  5. How awesome! How did the therapist control her amazement and joy so well? What do you attribute this breakthrough of a wordy experience to — changes in meds?

    Rhema – hang in there girl, your loved by so many. Some day you could be a spokesperson for Autism like Temple Grandin.

  6. Perfect! TIming! Thank you Lord! My spirit was uplifted to see God moving……. I am beyound touched!!!!!!!!! Thank you Lord! Thank you Lord! Bless your name…. What a joy. The Taggart’s school will continue to lift up prayers and I am going to let the kids watch answered prayers. Thank you for placing the video it really helps build faith to see the progress God is doing. Hebrews 12:1,2
    Praise Your name Jesus for such a special gift this day. Thank you Lord. I can’t stop thanking you enough….Kind and gentle Father Thank you!

    Sis Taggart

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