She’s a Hit

“I want [her] to believe she is beautiful for as long as she can, before the insecurities of adolescence creep in.  And beauty, she knows, comes from the inside and radiates out. She’s always known that.  She’s always been that.”
~Alicia, Welcome To My Planet 

I know there are a lot of little princess fashionistas out there, but my 4-year old girly girl blows my mind with her eye for flair and strong opinion on style choices. She changes her clothes several times a day and loves all things fancy like her heroine Fancy Nancy. She’s always quick to compliment a stranger on her accessories or hairdo or choice of color.

The girls have been home sick.

To pass the time, Hope and I have been playing “Hit or Miss” on

“Hope,” I say, “Hit or miss?”

And she says…

“This is a hit because she’s on an island and she’s the island princess.”


“Miss. Because her legs are sticking out… but I love the color and the hair.”


“Hit. She’s a mermaid.”


(Shakes head sadly). “The shoes are really bad. Don’t ever get those shoes, Mommy.”


(Sigh.) “A total, total miss.”


“Hit! Pretty princess dress! But why did they put those branches on it???”


“Miss. She’s wearing a towel. But I like the necklace.”


“I LOVE this dress. I! love! it!”


But I think I’ve got something on those Hollywood stars. When I’m in need a dose of confidence or I’ve got an important work meeting or date with her father, I ask her. “How do I look, Hope?”

I thank God for giving me the simple joy of having a little girl who believes I’m pretty. She closes her eyes for a moment, a big smile fills her face, she raises her arms in triumph and declares me, “Perfect.”

19 thoughts on “She’s a Hit

  1. Totally.

    Now, all we need is one of those swan numbers for you. And a picture.

    (I loved the purple dress that got thumbs down for legs sticking out!!)

  2. Awesome 😀

    She has pretty solid taste already. I have never had any taste, so maybe she can be my personal stylist in a few years when it’s legal for her to have a job 😉

  3. I ADORE this post. I would never have looked at those outfits with her eyes. I am so glad you shared her opinions with us, because I think it is better than ANY best/worst list. What a sweetheart!

  4. Glad my pics aren’t up for review. I shudder to think of the fashion blunders I’ve made over the years. Thankfully, I’ve reached the age when I worry less about such things.

    Darling, princess daughter! Mine is a complete tomboy, so we’ve never had a need for princess dress-up or barbies. Part of me wishes it for her, but mostly I’m glad she’s her own gal, marking her own course… basketball and all!


  5. This definitely brought a smile to my face!

    I got to say, your little girl’s commentary definitely beats Joan Rivers on Fashion Police any day!

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