Holdin’ it

Hope (worried): Mommy, Rhema’s got my favorite Valentine’s card that Josiah made me!

Me: Well, she’s just holding it, Hope.

On cue, Rhema rips the heart off the front of the card and wipes her nose with it.

Me: Oops.


Hope is a good sister. I mean, a really good sister.

She prays for Rhema to have good days at school.

She attacks her with hugs.

They take baths together and Hope’s a real sport about fudge in the tub.

She cheers every time Rhema says a word or completes a puzzle.

She thinks she is smart and beautiful.

She always tries to protect her: “Mom, Rhema’s doing something dangerous!”


So once, a long time ago, Hope was going potty. Rhema, who does not have particularly strong convictions about using the toilet, showed up in the bathroom. Fidgeting.

In one quick motion, I yanked unsuspecting Hope off the seat and yelled,

Hold it!

Then I whipped Rhema’s pants down and plunked her on the potty. Both girls were rather startled. But Rhema went. And as soon as she was done, I returned Hope to the throne. One clean floor, two relieved girls, one slightly guilty mama.

But as I said, that was a long time ago.

The other day I came upstairs to find the girls standing in the bathroom, both with their pants around their ankles. Now Rhema seems to always be partially undressed – that’s nothing new. But Hope likes a little privacy in all her 4 year-old glory.

“What’s going on?” I demand.

Hope points as her sister settles onto the toilet. “I’m holdin’ it for Rhema!”

Hope is a good sister. I mean, a really good sister.

16 thoughts on “Holdin’ it

  1. such a good sister! we are on the same wavelength again…this afternoon allie was just as mad as i can remember seeing her at reid and just went upstairs to say, “i forgive you” He replied, “you’ll always forgive me allie” which brought down the house in laughter and love. didn’t tell you she is looking at colleges in boston–BU and Berklee are tops right now

  2. You’ll have to forgive me for being so slow! Just realized this is a blog. You have a gift my friend…no, really, I mean it. You have a gift. Keep writing. Miss you.

  3. What a sweet girl she is! I hope to see my children do that type of selfless thing for each other someday soon. They do look out for Mad-hatter a lot though. There are always the yells to inform me that he is splashing in the toilet/eating paper – AGAIN/climbing to something dangerous etc. You are a blessed woman.

  4. Your writing – and your family and your faith and your gratitude and everything that goes along for the ride – is a salve to my soul. Love them. Love you.

  5. So sweet. I constantly worry about my toddler’s happiness and development, since things are kind of stressful with our ASD preschooler. I hope I can look forward to some moments in the future. I especially love that she prays for Rhema to have good days at school.

  6. God bless Hope!!!
    He gave her such extra stores of love and giggles and patience and grace and mercy.
    Love this story!
    Go, Hope!
    Go, Rhema! (and I mean, GO, Rhema!)

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