More trouble at the slots

Shredded Valentine’s Day cards

10 hair elastics

A marker cap

Torn pages from a coloring book

A rubber lizard

A wooden doll stand

A cheese wrapper

3 rubber bands

A wad of tissue (used)

Those are just some of the items I spent an hour fishing out of the heater with a wire hanger.

When we moved into our new house, we were concerned about Rhema jumping up and down on the baseboard heaters in every room. (We had radiators in the old house). It never crossed our minds that we’d have another problem with the heaters…

The girl is in slot heaven. I think she dreams about them. Because she’s up in the middle of the night stuffing items in the empty spaces.

Attempts to stop her, redirect her, instruct her not to do it have thus far been unsuccessful. Every day is a day to put anything she can find into the heaters. She takes her mission very seriously.


Just livin’ la vida loca over here in AutismLand. You know.

And it feels good to blog about it and know someone out there gets it! 8)

13 thoughts on “More trouble at the slots

  1. How about crayons, plastic money, at least 20 post-its and some unidentified stickiness? Plus an eggo waffle in the vcr and a ball of tape in his ear? Oh yea, by the way, that was my NT child ….go figure.

  2. Ohhh I wish I could mail you my ceiling vents. We had floor vents for years, and didn’t get ceiling vents ’till we ended up living in Texas.

  3. You know how much we love games with our floor vents, right? We’ve made paper everything, but especially paper ghosts and put them down the vents. It only cost us $250 for the furnace guy to clean it out. And the fun was priceless.

  4. I’m catching up on a whole month of blog posts this weekend but I just had to comment here because this reminds me so strongly of the car CD player that Jack killed by putting coins in it. Now we have the name for it: slot heaven. Love it!

  5. Oh wow. We fished out metrocard (w/ money still on it) along w/ various dirty toys. Last couple days there has been an unrecognizable but terrible smell coming out of it. Should really investigate but afraid to.

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