A fish and a gardening tool, yeah


The name-calling continues.

Every day, Brandon and I prompt Rhema to say our names.

‘Da Da’ and ‘Mahi Mahi’. Music to our ears.

This morning I realized Hope was getting left out of the action.

She was still sleeping when Rhema bounded into her room and began jumping on the bed.

She sat up and sleepily rubbed her eyes.

“Rhema, say hi to Hope. Say ‘Hi’.”

After a few more prompts, Rhema said in her sweet monotone, “Hi. Hi.”

Hope’s eyes brightened, and a huge grin filled her face.

It dawned on me that Hope is just as eager to talk with Rhema as I am.

“Rhema. Can you say, ‘Hi Hope’?”

We waited. We prompted.

It seemed like too much.

“Rhema. Say ‘Hope’!”

Hope leaned so close to Rhema, their noses almost touched. Her face was so hopeful, expectant.

“Say ‘Hope’!”

“Ho. Ho.”

“Hope! She said your name!”

Hope looked doubtful for a second. Then she got really, really excited.

“She called me ‘Ho!'”

15 thoughts on “A fish and a gardening tool, yeah

  1. If you don’t stop it with these fantabulous nicknames… I nearly choked to death on my bagel.

    LOVE it. Mahi Mahi, I still remember the GLOW on my son’s face when his baby sister FINALLY attempted to say his name… ‘Yum-Yum’.

    Doesn’t get much dreamier than these kiddos of ours, huh?

    Love it.

  2. Mahi Mahi — what IS it with the psychic connection between our girls? Joy just named one of the peeps who works with her (“sah-sah” = Lisa) for the first time just in this past week.

    Our girls are blossoming. Happy spring!

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