Blessed mama

So thankful today.

My Hope girl made Mother’s Day gifts for me at school – including a lollipop flower that she only licked once. She dramatically declared her undying love for me all weekend: “Mommy, I love you so much. I couldn’t stop loving you even if I tried!!!”

Um, thanks Hope.

She drew me this:

Hope has rainbow hair, and I look… bloated. (Those dots are our bellybuttons.)


This child brings me heart-bursting JOY. Incredible girl, she is.


On my very first Mother’s Day as a mother, I was in rough shape.

Husband deployed to Iraq. Colicky 7-week old baby who cried and cried and never seemed to sleep. But on Mother’s Day she slept for 6 hours straight, and when she awakened, I picked her up and twirled her around.

“You gave me a Mother’s Day present!!! Wow! Thank you, Rhema. Thank you for letting me sleep!”

I believed that somehow she just knew, even as an infant, that it was Mother’s Day. And she wanted to show me some love, give me what I needed.

(And it definitely was a rare gift. Seven years later and she still doesn’t sleep through the night.)

This day she blessed me, yet again, with the sweetest gift.

About 4 in the morning, she was up. So I took her to the bathroom and brought her back to her bed.

As I rose to leave, her arms reached out and caught me around the neck, and she drew me near.

I thought it was a trick. Sometimes she’ll do this. She’ll draw you close and then bite off your hair. Seriously, it doesn’t feel good.

So I was leery.

But she just held me there for a minute, forehead to forehead, nose to nose.

I treasured each second and prayed she knew how much I love her.

I felt her little mouth against my cheek. No pucker. Just the lightest touch.

I sat back.

“Rhema, did you just give your Mommy a kiss??????”

She made a clicking sound repeatedly.

“You did, didn’t you?!”

Incredible! She is.

I believe that somehow she just knows, even now, that it’s Mother’s Day. And she wanted to show me some love, give me what I needed.

I am one blessed mama.

21 thoughts on “Blessed mama

  1. That was too beautiful. Of course she knows it’s Mothers Day because you are her Angel, her comfort, her friend and today is a special day all about you and you (Mama) are you because of her!I am so happy for you that both your girls spoilt you today, many blessings and so much love to you today and always x Being a Mum is the best gift isn’t it?

  2. What sweet treasures you have in your girls. Hope’s drawing is fantastic! I’m so glad that Rhema found a way to show you her heart. Happy Mother’s day!

  3. Happy Mother’s Day, Jeneil! What priceless gifts…Rhema’s kiss and Hope’s “bloated mommy showing her belly button” picture…worth more to your heart than anyone can imagine! 🙂

  4. Clearly you need some lessons in art interpretation if not behavioral interpretation. Hope is showing you to be voluptuous with only variation in your curves to hers. 😉

    “the lightest touch” I agree. She knows.

  5. Hi!
    My name is Lauren and I am twelve years old.
    I like to read your blog!!!
    I LOVE the picture that Hope gave to you for Mothers Day! I liked Rhema’s Mother’s Day gift for you too!
    Have a good day! 🙂

  6. Sooo sweet, this had me in tears. Such beautiful Mother’s Day gifts from both of your girls, and a blessed Mother’s Day for a beautiful Mama!

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