Writing – from dreams to reality

Not so long ago Rhema was learning to use a stamp with her name on it

because it was not likely that she would ever learn to write independently.

But Heather, her OT, and all of her teachers have an against-all-odds, inexhaustible supply of belief and hope in my girl.

Last summer they taught her to trace the letters of her name,

and I cried because it was a taste of faith-becoming-sight, and I was so grateful and so amazed and I’ll never forget how hard she worked and how God comforted us with the gift of it.

Rhema’s “R”, traced with no prompt!
Heather told me she had a dream that she came to work one day and Rhema was independently writing her name. In the dream, she is so happy and excited that she calls another teacher over and they record it all on video. “One day,” she said. “It will happen.”


A couple weeks ago I observed Rhema at school. Her teacher was working with her on writing letters in boxes beneath her name. Rhema was humming and drawing horizontal lines repeatedly. She needed a lot of physical prompting and guidance. And even then, if she managed to draw a letter it was in the wrong box, out of order.

For some reason, learning to write the name has been an emotional journey and I feel like God has been teaching me something along with Rhema. Maybe it’s because people told us it couldn’t be done, and I went home and buried the dream. Maybe because writing is communicating. If her spoken words are few, perhaps she’ll learn to write her heart?  Maybe because once upon a time I just took it for granted that I’d have children who could write their names, and now we fight and try and work for every little thing and now we want it so much more. I cannot express how deep my hope, my desire is for her to pick up pen and write.

And even with the amazing gains she’s made, watching her that day a couple weeks ago, I couldn’t help but wonder if she was really ready for this. But they must think she’s ready, I thought. Well, this is going to take a looooonngg time.”

But Rhema has always laughed at my time tables.

When I picked her up from school last week, Heather was waiting for me. Beaming, she handed me a piece of paper.

Look what she did, friends. 100% independent! Look! what! she! did!



51 thoughts on “Writing – from dreams to reality

  1. Awesome. I knew she would. I think your post about the stamp was the first post I ever read on your blog- so happy to see such progress! Hurray, Rhema! Hurray!

  2. sometimes there are no adequate words for how triumphant, awesome and miraculous it feels when what was once just hopes and dreams (as you say, sometimes boxed neatly away as only a wistful ‘maybe, one day’) becomes a real life triumph. Thank you for sharing this with us, I can imagine how proud you both are!!

  3. Oh, Jeneil! Oh!!!!!!!!!!!!

    That child is INCREDIBLE.

    And God bless Heather. Please let her know she has a very, very enthusiastic fan club.

    Hope, Love and Faith. An unstoppable combination.

  4. Frame that. It’s more beautiful than anything I’ve ever seen in a museum!!!!
    So happy for you and Rhema! So many blessings! Thank you for sharing! Xoxo

  5. GOOSE BUMPS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    Habukkkuk2:2 And the LORD answered me, and said , Write the vision, and make it plain upon tables, that he may run that readeth it. 3 For the vision is yet for an appointed time, but at the end it shall speak , and not lie : though it tarry , wait for it; because it will surely come , it will not tarry.

    I love you Sis!

  6. I realized long ago that tissues should be on hand before reading your blog. I often get teary, but today. Today, I’m sitting here bawling and my kids keep asking what’s wrong.
    He is faithful, He is at work and Rhema is His…this is such a powerful, visual reminder of that. Go, Rhema!

  7. I bet some day she’ll be typing up a storm. 🙂 It wouldn’t surprise me at all! I think she can do just about anything.

  8. Wow! I think what strikes me as most amazing is that it appears that she incorporated other letters into each letter, i.e. the ‘R’ seems to have an ‘M’ in it and the ‘H’ seems to have and ‘R’ and an “A’. It’s as though she decided to what Heather was asking, but still find a way to play! Smartie Pants!

  9. Well there she goes… Just. Wow! You give me hope that some day this could happen for my Jack. It is so hard…

  10. I promise that I wasn’t drinking heavily when I posted my last comment…just didn’t proof read past the first sentence…oops.

  11. Wow, what a beautiful, clever girl! Awesome effort. Goosebumps all right , God’s Angel reminding us never give up!

  12. Way to go Rhema!
    And way to go all of the dedicated teachers at Futures!
    Rhema and Futures = winning team

    Rhema will keep showing everyone her true potential!

  13. Gina from Special Happens told me I needed to stop by, and I am SO GLAD I did! Rejoicing with you over such a victory! It is beautiful. I hope you frame it. You made me cry. 😉

  14. I wrote about your Ebenezer Stone in my post yesterday and linked your post so others could read of this miracle. Hope this is okay. Your life is a testimony of faith and His faithfulness.

  15. I have never seen a more beautiful name written before in my life! Rhema is certainly a miracle set to defy the odds and to do things in God’s perfect time. My heart is overflowing with joy for you!

  16. This post is beautiful. Keep believing in miracles and the impossible. A group has got to be better then one individual…

  17. This is the first time I have read Autism Speaks. Thank you Dear Lord for your many blessings. This is so beauiful! It has made me cry. Way to go Rhema! You as parents must be so happy and thankful to our Lord and Savior. I know I was when my Eric who is 21 years old did. Our God is so faithful and true!

  18. Each time I come to read on how to target pray I am so stirred with how God is working in the mist. This time I was to full of thankfullness in a most quite way. I meditated on the thrill of Rema’s writing and the video of the scripture for two days. I can only imagen how you must have felt.

    The greatest Joy’s of our children and the deepest hurt’s and disappointments with them. Giving every bit of ourselves as Mother’s and at time’s it seems never enough. With God in this fallen world we are able to face the next day. Please know your trails continue to show God how He hurts for His children and how He takes care for each of us. How He shares the up’s and down’s and how he is ever so faithful. As you said, something like, facing the new day together. That is a gift to go through together with Jesus guiding us. Thank you! For helpng me to see God faithful in all every day and night.

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