Faith of my father

“I will be a Father to you, and you shall be My sons and daughters, says the Lord Almighty.” ~2 Cor. 6:18


I have two recollections of my biological father.

The first, I was about five years old, sitting in his car. The second, I was eighteen, a freshman in college. I’d taken a Greyhound bus through several states to visit my twin and “meet” my father. It was such a strange and surreal experience that I somehow forgot to ask him all the things I wanted to know. And then, just like that, the meeting was over and I never spoke to him again.

That night in a dorm bathroom I stared at myself in the mirror. I saw me in his face. I saw him in my face. It was quite a transforming experience, like finding a part of myself I didn’t know was missing.

Those two moments are all I have of my natural father, but I have a lifetime of beautiful memories shared with my Dad.

The man I love to call Daddy has been supporter, protector, provider, hero, teacher, friend – everything a daughter needs her father to be. He didn’t have to, but he adopted my sister and I, made us a family, and gave us his name. Never for a moment have we felt or been anything less than wholly his. And I’m so proud to be his.

He has loved God and my mother with all his heart. He has served all of my life — his family, his country as an airman and a soldier, his God as a founding pastor of an amazing church. He has a faith in God so strong – He simply believes and it’s radical.

He bought me a diamond ring when I was a little girl and told me I was even more precious. Years later he walked me down the aisle and just before he gave me away, he whispered a secret that only we share . Still years later he held up my baby girls and dedicated them to the Lord.

I am so grateful that God the Father has blessed me to know the great love of a father.

Thank you, Daddy.

9 thoughts on “Faith of my father

  1. Amazing. Living in a greek community where women usually dominate the household, i always dreamt of a father like yours. One that i could sit on his lap and feel secure… My dad is also wonderful but if you ask me what kind of a father figure i wish my kids to have i’d say that your dad is what i’d like. However, everyone should see the bigger picture and that is, having a father that loves you, supports you, cares for you and cherishes every moment spent with family is what makes him great.and even if my mom is bossy and sassy and rules a community let alone the household, my father still managed to be like that.. Happy Father’s Day!

  2. My Dear – this is a beautiful way to honor all of your fathers – each in unique and unmistakable ways.

    Love you – Happy Father’s Day to Brandon, to your father and your Dad & I join you in celebration of our Father, Sister.


  3. I’m so glad you were given the gift of your Dad. My own father lives about 20 mins from me and we haven’t spoken in years. He’s in fact never met my sons. It makes me very sad but I get great joy from watching my husband with my 2 sons. I didn’t experience it myself, but I get to witness loving, nurturing, supporting fathering everyday. It’s a beautiful thing.

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