The help

I blame it on the Miralax.

We had a long drive, and on the way, my girl soiled her pants.

At home she speed-waddled to the bathroom and whipped off her clothes before I could stop her.

It wasn’t her fault really, but somehow the floor, the sink, the toilet and the humans were covered in the brown stuff in a matter of seconds.

I washed her hands and tried to do damage control.

There were not enough wipes in the world.

She stood off to the side and hummed excitedly.

I ran and grabbed cleaner and a roll of paper towels.

Rhema casually came over and ripped off a couple paper towels. Then she bent down, awkwardly wiped at the toilet seat and threw the paper towels in.

Had it not been dirty, I would have hit the floor.

She helped! She cleaned!

The is the tornado-child whom I have run behind with a broom, sponge and bucket since she took her first steps. This is the child who, for years, has smeared expressed her fingerpainting creativity with the…er…chocolate pudding on every possible surface (so much so that we had to strip all the wallpaper in her old room and re-paint the walls with a highly washable paint). This same child used those same hands to help me C L E A N!

I never thought I’d see the day.

Sniff. My baby’s growing up.

I dare say, cue the Pomp and Circumstance.

She’s graduating from Poop Art School. (!)

23 thoughts on “The help

  1. I love this. The things we celebrate, right? Congratulations on having a helper. Now if you could send her over to teach my Jack how to use paper towels, that would be AWESOME.:)

  2. Cue the Pomp and Circumstance! The images of the circumstances you described when you tossed that line in were still playing in my mind. You are so creative and I love your sense of humor.
    And your ability to see the silver lining in tough circumstances. It’s a great step for Rhema!!

  3. Seeing the world through Rhema’s eye’s……… I totally believe she understands through the depth of the heart. cutting all the surface stuff and target’s straight to the soul of a person. I am hearing spiritual growth, physical growth, mental growth, emotional growth not only in Rhema, but in Mommy and family. If I can also say…. and friends. Meaning me and others who are growing closer to the heart of God with each sharing you freely give. Hum…What lessons this child has taught me from a distance. What understanding of His love I see through this mother’s love. The family shining as a light for God trusting each day in the good and bad. I have never meet a person who has spoken so loudly and strongly about the charater of Christ without saying it verbally. She truly is a word from God.

  4. I’m with Stimey! Now have her teach my kids:) This is terrific, and I’m so happy we can celebrate this with you. a milestone for sure and a steppingstone to the next achievement.

  5. Love your posts and relate to these crazy milestones! After an accident, my son used his iPad to tell me he was embarrassed. Aware he did it, knew he shouldn’t have and felt bad. Who knew? So much more going on in there than everyone thinks. Oh- to be inside his head for even a minute.

  6. Yea!!!
    Love that you can recognize and celebrate milestones even when they are covered in poop! Thank you for the reminder. I’ll try to look past the “poop” and see the blessings.

  7. Give your self a big hug! You have made it this far, to this part of your journey with Rhema . You both deserve a parade!

  8. “graduated from Poop Art School”…….u are AWESOME….I still cant stop laughing……..btw congrats to you for this day…

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