On being good stewards…

Hope took issue with the fact that we labored on Labor Day.

Lots of house work and yard work and work, work, work.

Brandon took the opportunity to turn it into a teachable moment… (in a roundabout sort of way).

B: We have to take care of the things we have. You know why?

Hope: ‘Cuz they’re God’s.

B: And why do we have them?

Hope: Because He blesses us with them.

B: Right. Because whose stuff is it anyway?

Hope: God’s.

B: And so we have to take care of it! Now let’s clean up. See this stuff on the floor? The paper and crayons, the broken toy, the leaves tracked in from the yard? I want you to pick it all up and put it in the garbage.

She dutifully did as she was told, a sly smile on her face.

Hope: Daddy?

B: Yes, honey?

Hope: Why are we throwing away God’s stuff?


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