Doin’ the Walk

The first time we did the Walk four years ago we barely lasted ten minutes. The noises, the crowds, the weather, the emotions running high (my own) – it was too overwhelming and our biggest accomplishment was getting out of the parking lot.

Now it’s just like a big ol’ party and family renunion all in one.

This was the first year Brandon was actually home to do the Walk with us. And we had a blast on Sunday – circling the track, playing in the mud, visiting our favorite booths (For Jake’s Sake !), celebrating our children with friends who are more than friends – they’re family.

I loved Rhema’s reaction to this mascot!

We made it around the track!


Jess – she writes, she inspires, she fights for all our kids, she and Luau and Team Umizoomi raised nearly thirty thousand dollars (!!!)… and she loves my girls. Sniff.

Luau working the pink.

Katie and Hope – they pretty much owned the track.

The Dads – with Rhema and Jack, who celebrated his birthday at the Walk with cupcakes!

Katie, Brooke, Jess, Jack and Judith, my amazing friend who works tirelessy and paasionately to improve the lives of people with autism. So GOOD to be with them!

My favorite picture of the day.

My sweet Rhema. I’m so glad I get to be her mama.


*Photo credit to David Land and Judith.

10 thoughts on “Doin’ the Walk

  1. I loved these pictures! You really are all like family…I feel as if you’re part of my )(autism) family too, so it’s cool to see some of you together! 🙂

  2. Beautiful! I love all the photos but especially those last two :).

    The annual walk here is huge, which is great for awareness but too much for our guys so we haven’t been. We stick with the smaller events that are done by a local autism parents group and it’s great, definitely feels like family :).

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