Like the boat


My little Hope and I go down to the boat ramp just to watch the vessels on the water.

I want her to know what real hope looks like. Not just a wish or fancy, but an abiding, unshakeable expectation.

It’s peaceful just now, though wind and tide have rocked the boat.

I know of storms raging

family without power

homeless men in the subway

heartache of friends


pressures at work

babies battling cancer

a beloved aunt in her last days

I know of chaos and confusion, weakness and regret.

We should surely sink.

And yet we are held fast.

I read aloud to her the passage from my morning study – shared with a dozen women in a circle huddled over Bibles, in their own storms:

“We have this hope as an anchor for the soul, firm and secure. It enters the inner sanctuary behind the curtain, where our forerunner, Jesus, has entered on our behalf.” Heb. 6:19-20

In the stillness I ask her,

“You know what an anchor is, right?”

“Yeah, it keeps the boat from going away.”

A pause.

“But Mama, what’s our soul?”

“It’s like the deepest part inside you. Everything you think and feel and know and makes you you. With God, our souls have an anchor.”

“Like the boat.”

“Like the boat. Hope keeps our souls from going away.”

It’s my day off from work and I cherish our time together – we talk and talk and talk and eat McDonalds, bounce around the gym and practice for piano. We pick up a happy Rhema from school. She’s had some tough days lately, but when I put her to bed she thrills me unexpectedly with a beautifully clear “night night” and “luh yew” (love you).  I seriously kick up my heels as I close her door – no medical report or school evaluation or future fear can steal the joy from the moment. And then the husband refuses to be lazy about me. He fights the weariness and frustrations of the day and all the words unspoken; he finds new ways to connect and I know I am loved.

It’s the hope of heaven. It’s God’s good gifts I’m counting in the wind. All of it, anchoring.


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21 thoughts on “Like the boat

  1. Oh….Rhema’s beautiful words!!!!!! I am kicking my heels right there with you. Oh the Joy!!! I celebrate the miracle of it all with you!!
    Your little Hope is so insightful just like her mama. I so wish that she and Mae Mae might meet one day.
    Your beautiful words have stareted my day just like g said…..”with joy”

  2. Thank you once again for your beautiful words. But what I am thankful most for, is your beautiful faith. You are an example for us all!

    Continued prayers for you and your sweet family.

  3. Beth ^^ pretty much said it best. I am so thankful for your strong and beautiful faith. As you show your daughter about faith and anchors, so too do we learn. Sending you love and all manner of good thoughts and prayers. Especially for your sister; that sentence made my heart lurch. xo

  4. Oh Rhema!!! This is Beautiful!!! ( and a reminder I SOOOO Needed this morning!) Thank you for sharing this beautiful Moment with us! Kiicking my heels and celebrating the joy of it right along with you!

  5. I think both Beths said all that needed to be said. I falter so much in my faith some days and so often He uses you to bring me back to that anchor.
    I think maybe I’m ‘sposed to be learnin’ something about Hope today. I just blogged a bit ago about a random reminder of Hope and now reading this…

  6. That was the most powerful post I have read… maybe ever. God is GREAT and Sovereign and powerful and in control of ALL things. And there is great hope in that. That moment at bedtime when you occasionally get a ‘real’ “night night” or “luh yew” – it’s just like God is giving you a big hug reminding you He’s got it… and it’s all gonna be ok. Thank you so much for sharing. You inspire me.

  7. Your words are beautiful . So glad I found your blog from one of the other blogs I read. Your faith is inspiring and an anchor for your readers. Thank you

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