She does

This was the best Thanksgiving ever.

It wasn’t the fact that my parents and my twin and bro-in-law and niece came and blessed our home with warmth and laughter…

Or the fact that my turkey and mashed potatoes and not-yo-momma’s-banana pudding totally ROCKED…

Or that the husband is home this year…

Or that Rhema screamed and ran round and round the dinner table while we ate – in nothing but her unmentionables – and nobody batted an eyelash, and this is family I have…

Or that I could burst with gratitude for a God who has healed my heart, saved me, shown me mercy upon mercy and grace upon grace time after time…

Or that Hope sang and played two little songs on the piano for us…

All these good gifts were more than enough to fill my cup to overflowing,

but the best was this:

Rhema prancing on the basement stairs, me standing in the doorway.

“Rhema. I love you. I love you.”

She doesn’t look at me, she seems completely unaffected as she plays on the stairs.

She understands so much more now. I always wonder, does she understand this? What I mean when I say ‘I love you.’? Does she feel loved when I say the words?

“Rhema. Do you love… me? Do you love me?” Why do I sound vulnerable? How silly.

She looks up suddenly, fixes her gaze just past me, and spontaneously speaks,

“Yeah, yeah, yeah.”

Her words go into my heart and I have to sit down. I think it can’t be real. When she says a word it’s never just once. It’s always repeated two or three times. She says “yeah, yeah, yeah” a fair amount these days, but it’s not always the appropriate response, sometimes she doesn’t seem to understand the question and “yeah, yeah, yeah” is just her go-to phrase.

I know you love me in your own sweet way, but are you really trying to tell me right now?

“Rhema. You love me. You do? You do?”

This child God gave me who brings me to my knees and then inspires me to stand every day, (all in the same day or hour or minute), my girl, my darling half-dressed daughter with popsicle juice in her wild hair. She climbs into my lap, gives me a buck-toothed smile, says,

“Do, do, do.”


If you have an inkling of what this means to me, multiply that by a thousand and you might be getting close. I think I win, friends. I am the happiest, proudest, most thankful mother on the planet tonight.

26 thoughts on “She does

  1. Oh. My. Gosh. I have chills running through me. That is absolutely incredible. Hands-down best Thanksgiving ever!!! I know I only have an inkling of understanding how grateful you are for that moment, but even that leaves me in awe.

  2. This rocked me. How perfect. How precious. How thankful we *all* are to hear it.

    We love you, Mahi. *ALL* of us do, do, do.

    Love your beautiful family and so thrilled to hear it was such a blessed Thanksgiving celebration. He made it so. He is so great.

    *nice to have our hubs home, eh? ;0)

  3. As you may know, I’ve been reading blog posts for quite a few years now, and I think only one has made me cry. Now, I know I’m sick just now and all, but, whatever… make it two. Your girl is amazing.

  4. Indeed you do win!! Thank you for sharing this wonderful praise!! When my little one does something I thought would never happen, I find myself lifting praises while the tears flow. God is good indeed. Your blog is such an encouragement to this mom, thank you for being willing to share your heart with us.

  5. You win, yes you do, do, do. Happy, happy, happy Thanksgiving. Tears of gratitude for this precious moment where His song in her heart spilled out to fill yours to overflowing.

  6. Oh, how precious. You’ve waited so long for this time and you’ve been so faithful as you wait. How wonderful for Rhema to know that she can give this gift to her Mama.

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