About the tree

In the early years we couldn’t keep her away from Christmas trees.

She was attracted by the lights and the star and the ornaments… and the response she got when she shattered them. Wherever we went – friends’ homes, the doctor’s office, the mall – we would have to stand guard in front of the tree, lest it come crashing down.

But the past couple years she has decided to ignore the Christmas tree completely.

Like… Meh. I am not going to pay any attention to these crazy people putting a tree in a  house. Rearranging my living room and oohhing and ahhing and carrying on and putting stuff under it that nobody can play with and stuff on it that’s not even fruit. If I can’t climb it, jump on it, hide under it, spin it, or eat it, it’s of no use to me. Tree, shmree. Whatever people. 

This year we brought her over and showed her how to put a candy cane on the tree. She indulged us.

 She put all the candy canes on!

Oh, sweet progress!!! This was a first!

(Gotta love her style).


And she has ignored that old tree ever since.

We’ll take it. 😉


And speaking of progress, here’s more:

This photo was taken by Rhema’s teacher, Amy.


Merry Christmas!!!


20 thoughts on “About the tree

  1. Love those firsts!

    This is the first year our Christmas tree does not looked disheveled. Wyatt seems to have moved past the tree and is now keenly interested in the Manger display. This morning Nathan yelled down the stairs “mom, Wyatt’s breaking baby Jesus”

    baby steps, baby steps…

  2. Oh, I love it!! I just love it! That is totally something Erik would do – putting the candy canes on like that. Haha… too cute! Love the pics. Hope you all have a wonderful, beautiful Christmas and a new year full of fun, laughter, love and developmental explosions. xx

  3. God has truly been showing Himself strong. In His time, in His will, change will come! Thank u again for ur support with my paper, I A’cd it and got a 4.0 for the class 🙂 God is so faithful!

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