My people

“I am what I am because of who we all are.”
~Martin Luther King, Jr.

Gena, My mother!, Baby Michaela, Jenee, me, Chelli

My sisters and our families were all together this past week.

We filled the time partying, eating, baby dedicating, football watching, church-going, and eating some more.

Chelli and her husband Darren were highschool sweethearts and when they come home and the Palmers and the Roys get together, it’s a bona fide good time.  

Our family boasts about every shade of human color on the spectrum – we’ve got Black, White, German, Polish, Panamanian, Scottish, Puerto Rican (hey Joel!), and Lord knows what else, up in the mix.

I look at all our children, and I am amazed by the creative handiwork of God. How we look so alike and so different. How Brandon says “Ant” and I say “Aunt”, and we are all connected. How there’s a piece of me in her, her, and him, and a piece of them in me. How we love. How God has not only blended us through marriage but through a saving faith in Christ; we are brothers and sisters. Thank you, Lord.



I think this weekend we got a taste of what heaven is like… when all God’s children get together, what a day of rejoicing it will be.

I think this weekend we were the best of MLK’s imagination. 



We live the dream, and it really is beautiful.

22 thoughts on “My people

  1. What a gorgeous family! I look at my family the same way… we have a few different nationalities within it, and all the kids & cousins look so different. Each one is so precious and unique. I think yours is bigger though! xx

  2. Soo beautiful! MLK jr really would be sooo proud. And I am privilege to have you all in my life. What a week of great memories!

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