The gift of community

“We never expected that we would be blessed to meet such extraordinary people as a result of our daughter’s special needs – people that have enriched our lives and shown us the closest thing to the perfect love of God.”


I said that at a Parents Group, two nights ago…

When the teachers at Rhema’s school set up chairs, brought baked goods and refreshments, stayed late and cleaned up afterwards because they love our children and our families

When Laura came to the house bearing gifts and stayed with the girls so Brandon and I could attend the meeting

When I could look into the eyes of mama friends, old and new, and know that they know and be comforted by that

When we could celebrate our children and cling to hope

When we could laugh and cry at Emily Colson’s heartwarming stories of her adventures with Max

When the encouragement and inspiration that comes from sharing the journey with friends – in real life and online – gives you enough to keep going…

Just grateful for the gift of community. For family. For the children that connect us.

9 thoughts on “The gift of community

  1. struck by the irony that the ones with so called “autism”–that autonomous, self-oriented, in their own world, socially disabled diagnosis–are the very ones who multiply our friendships, connections and community. No coincidence?

    • Andrea, I too have a son with autism. I love your comment so much. I never thought of it that way before. Thank you so much for sharing.

  2. I loved what you said the other night and how you said it. You have such a calm way about you and you were inspiring to me. Thank you for sharing.
    Erin’s friend Judy

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