Three cheers

“Let me show you what a treasure you are
A priceless gift from heaven to this thankful heart
I want to take this lifetime to celebrate you
I want to celebrate you.”
~Celebrate You, Steven Curtis Chapman

Brandon and I were sitting at the table helping Rhema follow a one-step direction: “Clean up!”

When she did, we yelled Hooray! and exchanged high-fives.

Hope was upstairs in her room and had no idea what we were doing in the kitchen, but at the sound of our applause she shouted from her room,


(Because Hope is Rhema’s biggest cheerleader, and she actually loves her job.)

We never fail to celebrate Rhema and her often hard-won gains. Every “inch”stone and milestone is cause for rejoicing and we share it with family and friends.

But in all the living and trying and failing and succeeding, I want Hope to know she also has a cheerleader. That we see her, too.  It’s funny, when I openly celebrate Rhema’s accomplishments I don’t worry if I sound like a braggart. But when it comes to Hope I tend to be less vocal about her progress and abilities.

But every little victory, every new gain, every acquired skill is a gift. Be it learning to wave “hi” or nailing an arabesque, these are little miracles. I don’t want to take any of it for granted for either of my children.

So indulge me as I wave my pom-poms for my little one?

When asked what she’s learned lately and what she can do, Hope replied,

“Wellll, I can spin one way in the wind… even when it’s blowing in the other direction.”

“Wow, Wow, Wow! That’s awesome.”

“I can be a good sister to Rhema.”

“Yes, you are the best. What else?”

“I can eat my boogers. But only when I’m really hungry.”

Thanks Hope. I’ll take it from here.

Hope is a great helper. Hope LOVES her family and friends and shows us every way she can. Hope can craft wonderfully detailed, llooonnnggg stories. Hope can write her letters and numbers and draw pictures like nobody’s business. Hope can read – (many thanks to Valentine’s candy conversation hearts). Hope has learned all the keys on the piano and has a repertoire of short songs she can play. At age five, Hope is a Bible scholar. Hope is a goofball, and she’s worked very hard to perfect her goofballness. She’s a master at nonsense joke telling. Hope is learning to be careful with her words and considerate of others.


13 thoughts on “Three cheers

  1. Awesome job Hopey. (Cause ya know … Island ppl always gotta give nick-names to ppl they care about) 🙂 Oh and I choked on my coffee laughing at her eating her boogers but only when she’s hungry. lol. Seriously though Jeneil, everything you’ve told us about Hope shows us that she really is an amazing kid.

  2. Oh, my, Hope and Nik would get along fine in the, um…yeah, never mind. Hope is a treasure beyond compare. I love when you share HER accomplishments, too. xo

    • Hope, Nik AND Rhema would get along fine in that category! Seems like every morning I drop R off at school, just before her teacher comes to take her hand the girl starts digging like there’s gold up her nose.

  3. Yay HOPE! She has many cheerleaders in all of us. Cheering on everything about Hope. (I’ll ignore the booger part)

  4. Sweet beautiful Hope!!! A gift she is to the world!! And the boogers….I love it!! When I spent my summers at camp there was a song called Boogers…..and guess what I found it on you tube. The song is a hoot!
    Here is the link….

    Please let Hope know that Mae Mae thinks this song is funny. Our campers used to love the song!

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