On these shake me to my core days

During the Overwhelmed Years – the time when Hope was a toddler and the husband and I were breaking not bending, and holding onto Rhema was like trying to hold water in my hands- I found myself with the girls hurrying through a busy parking lot.

The winds blew bitter cold, and I clung to Rhema’s hand, Hope’s sleeve, a backpack, a purse, and a stack of papers from the school consult meeting.

And then, “I dropped my mitten!”

And there in the cold I did not know what to do about Hope’s mitten a few steps behind us. Because if I stopped, stooped, took my eyes off Rhema for a second and picked up the mitten, one of two events would occur: The Flop or The Bolt.

The Flop would mean spending several minutes trying to pick my unmovable child bundled up like Ralphie’s little brother from A Christmas Story off the icy pavement.

Far worse, The Bolt would mean chasing her through the parking lot and fearing for her life.

But the frugal side of me could not leave the mitten behind.

I looked Rhema in the eyes and pleaded with her, “Don’t move!”

I juggled all I was carrying, retrieved the mitten and turned back to Rhema, afraid, expecting to pay for letting go of her hand.

But there she was. Still.

With a squall of competing senses beating down, I could almost see the wings on her shoes, and yet she remained.

It was so unlike her at the time, so extraordinary, the image is etched in my mind.

Feet planted. Face in the wind.



when the world has fallen out from under me

i’ll be found in You, still standing

when the sky rolls up and mountains fall on their knees

when time and space are through

i’ll be found in You

~Brooke Fraser, Shadowfeet

11 thoughts on “On these shake me to my core days

  1. Wow “The Flop” and “The Bolt” are perfect names. We are becoming all to familiar with both right now. The Flop is relatively new for Ella.

    • Thank you for your comment…and your faithful following of our family on our blog.
      I just want to be clear (but certainly not rude at all) for anyone reading here at Rhemashope, that the “You” we stand with is…
      …the One True God.
      …the God of Abraham, Isaac, and Jacob.
      …the God who presented himself for us in human form and by His sacrifice on the Cross and His Resurrection we are saved from our sin, Jesus.
      We pray that by our lives we can point to the “You” we know enables us to stand.

  2. I’m loving “The flop” and “The bolt” too. But golly, I could feel all the frustration and stress building up inside as I was reading. Really hate situations like that and really good to know this one ended well 🙂

  3. A friend of mine always says, “God knows.” God knew you needed that break at that time. It was a different learning moment from all times Rhema didn’t stay put. His ways can be mysterious but you always show your understanding that He has your family’s names engraved on the palm of his mighty hand. hugs from Jersey, gail

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